A Group Effort Saves The Day

Dear Pamela,

I’m so grateful for having such an empowering column that blesses those who give and those who receive aid. After a wonderful lunch with some University of Hawaii Foundation professionals at Honolulu Museum of Art, I drove my car from Victoria Street into Beretania Street to go home.

My car came to a dead stop. I just blanked out. In the rear-view mirror I could see that cars were ready to come into my lane.

Just then, two young men told me to shift my gear into neutral, and they pushed the car to the curb right in front of the museum. Then they put on the car’s emergency lights for me so that the cars could be warned. I thanked them but did not take down their names. I was still in shock.

I then dialed 911 on my cell phone and, shortly after, Officer Hirano came. He called for Lexus service assistance and waited with me until his replacement came.

Officer Minakawa then came along with the tow truck.

At the Lexus area service consultant Harry Valenzuela noticed it was an AAA battery probably covered by warranty, and so he offered to call them for me.

AAA came, installed the battery and said there was no charge.

Pamela, all of these wonderful people, from the young men who pushed my car to the officers, the driver and the service consultant, responded to my need and led me to a safe haven, and I thank them from my heart. And I thank APPLAUSE for this opportunity to be able to do so.

Elizabeth Kunimoto

Dear Elizabeth,

“What a pleasant surprise to hear positive feedback from one of our valued customers,” says Harry Valenzuela of Lexus. “I am glad that we had the opportunity to provide service to solve our client’s concern. Service, after all, is our business.”

Aloha Pamela,

While driving my car on an errand with two elderly women (my 88-year-old mom and 82-year-old cousin), a light indicator came on from my speedometer panel to alert me that I needed air in my tire.

I went to three service stations in the Liliha/Kalihi area hoping to find one with full service so an attendant could help me. At the third service station, a man said he would help me, but the air hose dispenser was damaged and he recommended that I take my car to another nearby station. When I got there, I learned that the full-service attendants are off on weekends.

So, as I was ready to leave, I saw a young man filling the gas tank on his vehicle and I approached him, asking if he would show me how to put air in my tire. He agreed to help and told me to move my car close to the air hose dispenser. I took out a tire gauge from my glove compartment and gave it to him, then he proceeded to check the pressure of each tire and explained what he was doing.

I was so relieved and glad that an “angel in disguise” came to my rescue and I wanted to give him a gratuity, but he declined my offer.

He said his name is Reid and he wore a Toyota uniform. He is a wonderful example of a fine gentleman and a good representative of a younger generation. Evidently, his parents raised him well, and hopefully there are more like him. They can be so proud to have a son who is respectful of people, with a spirit of aloha, especially toward senior citizens. Undoubtedly, he will be blessed abundantly for his good deeds.

Rosalind Labuanan Liliha

Dear Rosalind, There are three Reids at Toyota centers in the area. On their behalf, Toyota thanks you for recognizing their community-minded employees.

Dear Pamela,

Thanks to all TheHandi-Van drivers! You’re all so pleasant and helpful. A big APPLAUSE to a terrific bunch, especially Grant.

Jean McGonigal

Dear Jean,

“Thank you for your letter of appreciation,” writes Michelle Kennedy of TheBus. “All of our TheHandi-Van operators do their best to drive with the spirit of aloha. We will pass your kind words along to our operators and especially to van operator Grant Okimura. Mahalo for riding TheHandi-Van!”

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