I’m Getting Divorced

No, not from my beautiful wife of 25 years – I’m separating myself from my usual column in order to bring you an important message regarding MidWeek. We have been providing MidWeek to all of you for nearly 30 years now, free of charge and delivered directly to your homes via the U.S. Postal Service.

You know the challenges the USPS is faced with and its need to increase rates in order to maintain mail delivery service. Thanks to our advertisers who use MidWeek to deliver their money-saving ads and circulars, we have been able to continue providing you with MidWeek every week for free.

That’s also because we utilize Periodicals mailing rates (second-class mail), which keeps our postage costs lower, yet in Hawaii we enjoy nearly first-class mail delivery service. Our longtime relationship with the post office and your postal carriers helps ensure timely delivery so you can utilize the advertising and enjoy our entertaining and informative content.

But now MidWeek needs your help, and all we are asking for is some of your time. We are updating our MidWeek subscriptions, so I am asking all of you to do that for us through one of the methods I am about to explain. In the past we have asked you to sign and submit requester cards. Many of you felt you didn’t need to return those signed cards because you continued to receive MidWeek without returning it. That’s because tens of thousands of others did return their completed subscription requests.

With today’s technology, our circulation department has devised several convenient ways for you to renew your MidWeek subscriptions. Here they are:

The best way is on our website: midweek.com/renew.

We have a text option: Text MIDWEEK to 43766 to renew (message and data rates may apply).

And you can call 628-3791.

So do this right away and get it over with. Then you can return to enjoy your weekly issue of MidWeek and read about the next time I get in trouble with my wife. Aloha!