Moore’s On Top Of The World Again

Carissa Moore claims her second ASP Women’s World Title Oct. 5 in Portugal | Photo courtesy ASP

Carissa Moore claims her second ASP Women’s World Title Oct. 5 in Portugal | Photo courtesy ASP

The first one wasn’t a fluke.

Athletes often say it, and Hawaii’s Carissa Moore is no different. But if there were any doubters out there (and I can’t imagine anyone who understands surfing would even think it), then Moore humbly silenced them and proved that she is once again the best woman surfer on this planet.

“The first one was so special, but I think this one means even more to just prove to myself that the first one I wasn’t lucky,” says Moore, who won her first Association of Surfing Professionals (ASP) in 2011 at the age of 18. “I deserve this one and it just feels amazing!”

The now 21-year-old Moore claimed her second ASP Women’s World Title Oct. 5 at the EDP Cascais Girls Pro in Guincho, Portugal. The victory came before Moore even paddled out for the finals, after 19-year-old Tyler Wright was eliminated by fellow Australian Sally Fitzgibbons in the quarterfinals of the event. Heading into it, Moore was only 200 points ahead of Wright. She’d go on to win her fourth event of the year with a convincing performance over Fitzgibbons.

“It was a well-fought battle between myself and Tyler,” says Moore. “It was a tough one, and it came down to the last day of the last event. It was really exciting!”

The Punahou graduate and Wright had won five of the first seven events of the year between them in what ASP officials called “one of the closest battles ever for the world surfing crown.” With Moore’s victory, she has now won four of the eight contests this year. Her other finishes include three semi-final finishes and one quarter-final appearance.

“It was really stressful to know that I had to show up and whoever advanced further would win the world title,” smiles Moore. “Luckily, I had my dad and my boyfriend there to keep me calm. I had good music to block it out and let it fall into place. This has really been a meaningful year for me.”

Moore speaks with great appreciation when she recalls the exotic stops on the 2013 tour. She knows she is fortunate to be doing what she loves.

“We started off in France and finished in Portugal, and in between I got to go to Paris – I had never been there before,” says Moore. “We got to see the city and it was awesome. It’s great – every place I go I get to compete, but I also get to immerse myself in the culture and meet the people. It’s a great balance.”

Moore is home for the next few months before she heads off to defend her title. And while she’s in Hawaii, she’ll no doubt surf at her favorite break, Kewalo’s, with her dad as often as possible.

“I have to give a big thanks to my dad,” says Moore. “He’s been there from the very beginning, just encouraging me to chase my dreams and push myself further than I think I can sometimes. I’m so lucky I get to do something I love each and every day and travel the world.”

Moore says surfing has given her a platform to reach more people, including young girls. It’s a role she embraces.

“I get to meet girls and really engage with them and share myself with them. It’s really fun, and I wouldn’t trade it for anything,” says Moore. “I see myself as this goofy 21-year-old, and it’s weird to think of myself as a role model, but it’s great. I’ve always wanted to be one, and hopefully I can fulfill that role well.”

She most certainly is fulfilling that role, and she’s just getting started.