Hot Shots – 3/19/14


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Supporting Chaminade Coaches
Siblings Sara Platte, Melvin Schantz Jr. and Eric Schantz made a $100,000 donation to Chaminade University in honor of their parents. Construction on the complex that will house the Melvin and Merriam Schantz Coaches' Conference and Recruitment Room is expected to start later this year. Pictured are (from left) Sara Platte, Wes Balam Aviles-Schantz, Lucia Aviles-Schantz, Eric Schantz, Chaminade president Brother Bernie Ploeger, Merriam Schantz, Melvin Schantz Sr., Melvin Schantz Jr. and Chaminade board chairwoman Kitty Wo. Photo from Chaminade.