Hospital Buys Tech Upgrades

Aiming to better handle an increased patient load and improve patient flow, Wahiawa General Hospital’s Emergency Department (ED) has picked a Dallas-based company to update its operations.

Ellen Kielbasa, an RN and manager of ED operations for the hospital, stated that MEDHOST’s Emer-gency Department Informa-tion Systemability (EDIS) is able to perform in extremely busy times and offers continuous customer service.

“Additionally, we were attracted to MEDHOST because it provides 24-7 customer support with live representatives,” she ex-plained. “We are in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, so the time difference alone has made vendor support difficult in the past. The level of service and availability was a key component of our decision.”

Its fresh technology and its track record of dealing with the unique environment of the ED didn’t hurt either.

“After our clinicians saw the MEDHOST EDIS in use at another facility, they were especially drawn to and satisfied with its touch-screen documentation and intuitive communication tools,” said hospital CEO Robert D. Olden. “It’s critical that data be able to flow between systems, and MEDHOST has been successful with data exchange with a variety of hospital information systems.”

Along with system changes, Wahiawa General also is planning to redesign its ED to prepare for increased use.

“An increase in ED volumes is something that most hospitals are facing,” noted MEDHOST president Craig Herrod. “The ED is generally where patient care begins, and efficient patient flow plays a big part in ensuring patients have a positive experience.

“We’re committed to providing easy-to-use solutions like our EDIS that works the way clinicians work.”