Historical Society Takes On Lanikai ‘Rock’

Kailua Historical Society is ready to “rock.” The group will sponsor a panel discussion from 7 to 9 p.m. Dec. 10 at Lanikai Elementary School about “Kailua’s Rock: Watching Over Our Ahupua’a.”

The rock in question is the Alala promontory, sitting high above the entrance to Lanikai (also called Ka’ohao), where one can see the expanse of Kailua’s beach community, and all of the changes wrought over centuries. The name means “Awakening,” and the rock was visible to the Islands’ earliest seafarers as it still is today.

Oldtime area families will be represented on the program by Kahikina de Silva, Deborah Dunn and Cosette Harms, whose mother lives in the “rock house,” said Paul Brennan of KHS.

“Lanikai residents have experienced the joys of living in an isolated community,” he noted. “Now, however, they are faced with challenges of being internationally known as a tourist destination.” He carried the “awakening” theme further, suggesting talking points on the program – awakening to commercialism, traffic, loss of values and lifestyles.

The panel will provide insight into “how they have coped, adjusted and found continuing fulfillment throughout the passage of time.”

For more information, call 262-7316.