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Health Center Celebrates Big 5-0

president and CEO at Wai‘anae Coast
Comprehensive Health Center

Wai‘anae Coast Comprehensive Health Center is proud to celebrate its 50th year of serving the culturally diverse and traditionally grounded community of Wai‘anae. Since 1972, the health center has served that community and adjacent neighborhoods in West O‘ahu.

Our health center began with a one-doctor office at a temporary location in the heart of Wai‘anae and has since grown to be the largest and oldest of 14 community health centers in Hawai‘i, with a main health care facility in Wai‘anae complete with a 24/7 emergency room, five satellite sites, three school-based primary care sites, a school-based dental site and a vision center. What many people do not realize is that we have clinics in Kapolei, ‘Ewa and Waipahu, too. We have more than 38,000 patients and conduct nearly 206,000 patient visits annually. We are proud to have a staff of more than 650 employees. Just this year, The Book of Lists recognized WCCHC as the state’s largest nonprofit organization based on total revenue.

Employees at the Waiola Walk-In Clinic, located in Wai‘anae Mall, are able to provide acute care services.

When I first came to the health center 43 years ago, I did not expect to find something so special that it would convince me to stay as long as I did. WCCHC, even back then, was doing much-needed work with some truly amazing people. This year, we reflect back on the past 50 years to see how far we have come, and we are planning ahead on how to make the next 50 years even better.

To our founders, board members, current and past employees, families, patients, community members, community partners and those who have come to train at our health center, we want to thank you for being a part of our history.

For more information, visit wcchc.com.