Edgy Lee

Photo from Edgy Lee

Edgy Lee has made it her mission to educate the rest of the world about Hawaii culture. The founder and executive director of Pacific Network has her plate full with two new projects that she wants to share with MidWeek readers.

The team at Internet-based Pacific Network has been working on the feature documentary “Sandalwood-A Cautionary Tale” for the past six months.

“It’s about sustainability,” says Lee, who was featured on MidWeek‘s cover Oct. 7, 1998. “It takes place in early 19th century Hawaii, and it’s an allegory to what we see happening today. I think it’s just a wonderfully rich, intriguing story about human nature.

“At the core of the film is the poignant and historic ruination of Hawaii’s previous sandalwood forests. Their demise was a precursor to the cataclysmic change that would befall the native culture.”

According to Lee, the documentary takes a look at sustainability, the environment and cultural issues, as do many of the channels featured on Pacific Network. The Internet television programming also showcases videos on Hawaii arts, culture, food, travel and shopping.

“(We see) how the environment affects the culture, and an interesting time in the history of Hawaii,” she continues. “The lessons are applicable to global occurrences that we see today.”

Aside from the documentary, Lee has been busy with the launch of Pacific Network’s new channel, Pure Pacific, which will be available to the public within the year. This channel will focus solely on the Pacific Rim, from Hawaii to Australia to Tahiti.

“All these places are often overlooked,” Lee says. “We’re more than vacation destinations. With the emerging economies in Asia, we think that people will find greater interest and appreciation for what goes on in this region.”

One of the greatest accomplishments Pure Pacific boasts is that everyone working on the channel is a resident of Hawaii.

“We have a really wonderful opportunity to showcase talent from here,” Lee says, also noting that Pacific Network is looking for videographers. Those interested can shoot an email to studio@pacificnetwork.tv.

Lee’s hope for Pacific Network’s Pure Pacific is to have it serve the region for years to come by creating a voice for people in Hawaii.

“Returning students and professionals can have a place where they can share their work with the rest of the world,” she explains. “If anyone has any work they think can be featured, please contact us.”

Lee’s goal to work with people in Hawaii is fueled by her passion for this place we all call home.

When she isn’t working on Pacific Network projects, Lee is at home with her three Tibetan spaniels: Maya Dorje, “Liddle Biddy” Betty and Ginger.