Debuting Sheryl Lowe Designs

“It’s a go-to jewelry line that has many textures to it, designed and created to layer, and what I love is all the different colors and mixing earth (tones) with metals,” says Lowe, “and doing it in a way that is clean and fun.”

Lowe, who has an associate art degree in design from FIDM, was one of Hollywood’s leading makeup artists for more than 20 years. She also co-created a cosmetic line called Lola and is a talented interior designer. Her jewelry pieces are designed to be versatile, grab-and-go pieces that are timeless and chic. She also has a limited line for men, but many of her designs can be considered unisex.


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Sheryl Lowe with her jewelry collection at Neiman Marcus | Photo by Yu Shing Ting

Her collection is inspired by her many travels around the world, such as Asian influences from India, Africa and Hong Kong, as well as pieces inspired by the nightlife in London, New York and Paris. She also notes her love for Sardinia and the Italian Riviera, and, of course, Hawaii, where she’s been visiting for the past two decades, usually twice a year.

“We just sold out, but I had all sorts of great antique puka shells,” she says. “They’re the really large ones and beautiful with different textures, and we mix it with diamond rondelles, beads, and it’s such a fun line.”

Other Hawaii influences in the collection include the use of Job’s tears seeds and black lava.

“Also, the essence of me is my friendships and motherhood,” adds Lowe. “These creations were started from the passion of wanting to give to my friends, and once that started it really took off. I did not intend to start a jewelry business.”

As a result, her collections are named after her friends (the first one for Maria Shriver). Lowe also is a believer in giving back, and with every trunk show, a portion of the proceeds go to women and children charities. The recent Hawaii event benefitted the Dream Foundation, of which the Lowes are founding members.

“I’m a businesswoman with a creative mind and desire to share and give back,” she says.