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Customized High-Performance Optics

Last week Oakley reopened its doors to an updated store in Ala Moana Center. This new 1,500-square-foot store includes an in-store optical center that allows you to design your own glasses. You pick your frame, lens and accessories at the easy-to-use touchscreen kiosk. It prints up an order, you hand it to the associate, and your wait is 15 minutes. It’s that simple.

“Oakley stores are the only place our brand enthusiasts can experience everything Oakley,” says Erik Searles, vice president of Oakley Retail. “Our customers in Hawaii are adventure and Oakley enthusiasts. They demand the best selection of performance gear in the world. The new Oakley store expands our Hawaiian product line and adds our custom program and in-store prescription eyewear service.”


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The new Oakley store at Ala Moana Center. Alan Stewart photos

In addition, the full custom center allows you to design your eyewear by selecting the style and performance features that include the frame, ear sock, icon and lens colors. The Ala Moana store offers special products only available in Hawaii, such as the logo of the Hawaiian flag, and a full assortment of specially designed sunglasses, surf and swimwear, men’s golf apparel, training gear, luggage and backpacks, watches and more.

Oakley’s in-store optical center is the first to use a newly designed technology that streamlines the process for fitting prescription eye-wear (sunglasses and clear lens frames). The opticians use a lightweight device that fits onto chosen frames, and with the snap of a camera, the program reads and records your measurements. Once your ordering is complete, it takes about two to three weeks for delivery.

Oakley first opened its Ala Moana Center store in 2005. Cam Wehrli, who has been with Oakley for eight years, will continue to lead the team of 15 full- and part-time associates, which now includes a full-time optician. Oakley has two stores on Oahu and one store on Maui. The Ala Moana store is the seventh store worldwide to feature the full optical center.

Click Chick’s Mobile App of the Week: Delectable Wine

I recently had the opportunity to shop at a Trader Joe’s store on the Mainland, and for those of you who don’t know, one of the things it’s known for is its cheap but good wine. So I couldn’t resist buying up a whole box of various wines. When I discovered the Delectable Wine app last week, it reminded me of all that wine I purchased.

The reason why I like this app so much is because it’s similar to the Shazaam app (for music). You take a picture of the wine label and Delectable Wine will identify the bottle and compare it to 2 million-plus wines it has stored in its database. Once identified, the app will tell you everything you need to know about your wine.

You then can tag your friends, location, give it a rating and add tasting notes for others to see. Delectable also lets you share your wine to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and gives you a solid historical and geographical background. This is a free app for iOS platforms (sorry, not available for Android or Blackberry). clickchick@outlook.com