Commercial violators still at beach

Dear Editor,

Just back from Kailua Beach Park and I’m shocked at the commercial activity still happening. I counted three trucks with kites and boards. Then I drove over to the section across from Buzz’s, and there is a woman with a cart selling T-shirts and other beach souvenirs. I asked her how she was able to do that, and she said she had a permit – she even has a piece of paper attached to her cart. I told her how hard many of us worked to pass a bill to make the Kailua Beach commercial-free. She said I could call the police on her, but I thought it more effective to communicate with all of you. I was so upset, I didn’t ask who issued the permit. Of course, anyone could print one out at home and sign it, so I do not know how legal it was.

Is there someone monitoring the park for commercial activity, or just those of us who are concerned? Who should we report to? After all our work, it’s very disturbing to have people so flagrantly disregard the intent of keeping the beach commercial free

Claudia L. Webster