Letters To The Editor

Not represented

Regarding Dan Boylan’s column on voter apathy:

After reviewing my sample ballot, I am convinced that the person drawing the district boundary lines was drunk. According to the districting map, I live in District 47, which stretches from Waialua to Waiahole. District 45 encompasses Waialua to Mililani. I live closer to Mililani than Waiahole, but I am going to be represented by someone who lives on the other side of the island.

I also live closer to the District 45 polling place, Waialua Elementary School, than I do to the District 47 polling place, Haleiwa Elementary School.

As any citizen should do, I attempted to study the representatives who I was going to vote for. Democrat Ululani Beirne lists her district as being from Waiahole to Wailua on her blog. Wailua is not the correct spelling for Waialua. How can someone represent me when she can’t even spell the town where I live?

Republican Richard Fale seems like a nice guy and even did a tour in Kuwait. Unfortunately, I know nothing about him because he too lives on the other side of the island.

I really don’t see any connection between my representatives and my needs and concerns. It’s so easy to join the ranks of the apathetic, but I’m too hard-headed to give up.

Royle Kaneshige

Licensing kudos

This is in response to the letter from a woman who had a bad experience at the Hawaii Kai Satellite City Hall, who was responding to a Ron Nagasawa column on the topic of renewing his driver’s license.

We’re writing because I had a competely different experience there.

When we arrived, we were 10th in line, so I had time to watch the process. In all, it took us 30 minutes to get our licenses. I must commend Aileen, Cathy, Jennifer and Amber for their helpful, friendly and professional attitudes. Everyone was treated with respect and patience. They also acted with a sense of urgency, because the line was now snaking out the door as people were there on their lunch breaks. A couple of those ladies were working through their own lunch breaks to “get the line down.”

I’m sure that with all the new license requirements it’s been a stressful and trying time for customers and these employees alike. The Hawaii Kai team is well-organized and displays a positive attitude.

Chris and Bev Sorensen

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