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City Council Lauds Aloha Clubhouse’s Mental Health Outreach

The City Council recently presented Waipahu Aloha Clubhouse with an honorary certificate. Pictured here are (front, from left) John Henry Acidera, Normia Carter, Councilman Ron Menor, Judy Ann Inouye, Kimberly Golis, Councilman Breene Harimoto, Norman Mison, (back) Councilmembers Ernie Martin, Carol Fukunaga, Ann Kobayashi and Kymberly Marcos-Pine, and Bradford Laronel and Christopher Peterson. Photo from Councilman Menor.

Mental health service provider Waipahu Aloha Clubhouse was honored by the Honolulu City Council during a meeting earlier this month for its efforts to help those who suffer from mental illnesses reintegrate themselves into society.

“We were very surprised and thrilled to receive such an honor,” said clubhouse director Kimberly Golis. “The certificate validates all the work we do and shines a bright light on our members and their path toward recovery.”

A state-funded organization, Waipahu Aloha Clubhouse helps adults with mental illness rebuild their lives. One of its key programs helps clients find jobs by partnering with companies that include Times Supermarket, T.J. Maxx, Hagadone Printing and Mililani Agricultural Park.

Fifty-two of the clubhouse’s 190 members are now employed.

“The results so far have been overwhelmingly positive, with many employers noting the tremendous pride that clubhouse members take in doing their work,” stated City Councilman Breene Harimoto.

“The clubhouse has proven that with the proper medication and supportive environment, adults with mental illness can go back to work or attend school, raise a family and maintain a network of close friends,” added City Councilman Ron Menor.

Waipahu Aloha Clubhouse is now gearing up for its first benefit luncheon, “E Holomua Kakou Me Ke Alu Like” or Together We Move Forward, in celebration of Mental Illness Awareness Week.

The event is planned for Oct. 11 from 11:30 to 1 p.m. at Honolulu Country Club. Registration deadline is Oct. 4.

Tickets cost $60. To purchase tickets, visit waipahualohaclub.tick-etleap.com or call Golis at 216-8294. For more details, check the website at waipahualohaclub.org.