Cat Fanciers Feature Humble And Sublime At Halloween Show


Halloween means much more than black cat sightings for the local chapter of the Cat Fanciers Association.

The group hosts its annual CFA Certified Championship Halloween Cat Show and Costume Contest from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday at McCoy Pavilion at Ala Moana Beach Park to showcase some of the sharpest and most lovable pets on the island.


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Aragorn, a feline of Persian persuasion, lives with Robert and Dr. Reina Harris of Kaneohe and seems quite confident about his prospects at the Oct. 27 Halloween cat show. Photo from Joan Harris.

The show is chaired by Kailua member Joan Harris, who raises Persian cats.

For this weekend’s show, CFA brings in four international judges to determine the finer points of purebred

kittens and adult cats, neutered and spayed adults, and household pets or non-pedigree cats. Favored pets also will compete for prizes and ribbons in the costume contest, set for noon to 1 p.m.

Satchi Kuuipo Ball, 5, is a feline living with Elizabeth Ball in Keolu Hills, and she earned the club’s 2011-2012 title of Best Household Pet. Satchi apparently spoke to Ball about being in the heady winners circle: “It kinda felt like it does when I chase my laser pointer around the room. Yes, it felt a little bit like that.” Ball then doggedly pursued the miraculous chat with more inquiries.

How has it changed your life? My picture was in the paper and I was on television. I won more food than I could eat, so I gave it away to some pet shelters and to people who needed food for their kitties. I wanted to give my toy prizes away to needy kittens but my sister, Yellow-Bellied Jackie (who maintains a Facebook page), tore open the package and took all of the toys out.

What does it take to win the title? I did nothing out of the ordinary, other than looking good. I just happened to be in the right place at the right times. Why, any other pet could have won, had they entered the cat shows at McCoy Pavilion. I also have a good fur-iend Lani, who had humble beginnings like I did, as she was a stray kitten living in Ala Moana Park. Someone found her, then gave her to one of Hawaii’s top veterinarians and his wife. In that way, Lani did win a No. 1 Household Pet award, wouldn’t you say?

What about the “diva” issue among winners? Being a diva is an emotional expression of my being, as it is for other female artists. Plus, a cat’s gotta do what a cat’s gotta do. Take Garfield, for example. Eating lasagna is not only a hobby, but a signature expression of his girth.

Admission to the cat show is $4 for human adults, $2 for seniors and children. For details, call Harris at 261-4354 or Sherlane Dick at 531-4891.