Butler Did It In Wacky ‘Whodunit’

Diamond Head Theatre’s The Butler Did It plays Feb. 3 to 19, offering new tales about writer and director Anthony Lefcourt in the classic “whodunit” style.

Performances are at 8 p.m. Thursday to Saturday and 4 p.m. Sunday. Saturday matinees are at 3.

Played by Tim Jeffreys on the stage, the Lefcourt character rehearses his new play in an attempt to regain the success that had eluded him in recent seasons. Petty jealousies and romantic rivalries keep his characters (all named Butler) from getting through the rehearsal.

Lefcourt becomes frustrated and spurs them on by staging the murder of one of the actresses to make them suffer the same sweet agony of suspense as the audience.

The plot twists and turns until, with hilarity and ingenuity, both actors and audience lose track of what is real and what is makebelieve.

Single tickets for the diabolically clever thriller cost $12-$42. For reservations, call 733-0274 or go to the DHT website at diamondheadtheatre.com.