A Rockin’ Neighbor Is Moving

It has been a hectic few weeks for employees at Harry’s Music Store, a 65year neighbor in the Waialae business district.

After decades of serving fans and the music community, Harry’s will soon reopen at a new location. But music lovers have no need to fret the new storefront will be a mere few blocks from the old location.

“The new place is across from Sacred Hearts Academy. We’re sandwiched in between two wonderful tenants for our business, McDonald’s and Toyota. It is a very nice block,” said vice president Alan Yoshioka.

Harry’s, which has gone through each transition in music for decades, selling vinyl records to cassette tapes to compact discs, does not have a set date for the reopening, but is looking forward to the move.

“Already I know all my friends in the music industry are looking forward to checking us out at the new location. That in a nutshell keeps us energized to get us through the move.

“People are just telling us we can’t close. This is not the death of Harry’s music, this is the rebirth,” he added. The new store, once up and running, will be at 3072 Waialae Ave.