Area Teachers Win Credit Union Grants For Classroom Projects

Three Central Oahu teachers won grants from Hawaii State Federal Credit Union recently to help them fund education programs at their schools.

The winning teachers are Chris Rhoades from Kaala Elementary, Paul Stanley from Mililani Middle and Sunset Beach Elementary’s Blaise Kise.

In total, the credit union’s Investing in Education Program awarded $19,799 to 35 public schools to fund 43 projects.

HSFCU offers the annual grants to assist teachers in getting much-needed supplies, books, furniture, electronics equipment and basic necessities for the classroom.

Since 2009, Hawaii State FCU has given out more than $117,000.

Much like the students they instruct, teachers had to submit essays describing the needs, goals and uses of the money to improve student learning.

Winners received up to $500. The local projects are listed below.

* At Kaala Elementary in Wahiawa, Rhoades will use his grant to edit and design software to create video graphics and to edit together video clips.

The videos include important character lessons that cover different general-learner outcomes.

* At Mililani Middle, Stanley will purchase digital storytelling equipment to be used for the integration of science, technology, engineering and mathmatics (STEM)-based instruction.

* At Sunset Beach, Kise needs equipment for a new start-up P.E. program.

Investing in Education began in 2009 with a budget of $10,000 and was called the Helping Hands grant program until 2011. The need was so great, FCU increased the award to help more teachers.