Aina Haina Center Is Growing Healthier Every Day

The renovated Aina Haina Shopping Center has added two health and fitness businesses this spring, which offer a wide range of exercises and therapies for area residents who want to stay strong and limber.

The latest to open is Harmony Pilates & Physical Therapy, founded by Jessica Stare Valant, who also runs a Pilates studio in Kailua. Grand opening was April 28.

“We are so proud to be the first Pilates studio and physical therapy clinic of our kind in Hawaii,” said Valant, who is both a PT and a certified Pilates instructor. “We are so excited to join the Aina Haina community and help them in their health and fitness goals!”

The space has 1,000 square feet with room for the best equipment as well as a ballet barre for Pilates barre classes, and a separate room and space for private Pilates and PT appointments. It also has Balance & Bones classes for seniors, Pilates for runners and golfers, prenatal classes and oneon-one PT. For more information, call 373-2129.

Sun Yoga Hawaii, which opened in late March, is a family-owned, infrared studio led by Michele Lowchinovscy Santos, who has “a passion” for hot yoga. All ages are welcome, and customers can choose between the 60- and 90-minute sequence of salutations, posture, breathing and deep relaxation.

As one of Santos’ new fans put it, “I’m very pleased with how the shopping center and tenants are shaping up – no pun intended.” For more information, go to