Adventures With Pets

May 6, 2009, is a very special date for me.

This was the day that MidWeek published my first article, “A Mysterious Case of Bowie Wowie.” The story was about a puppy that had ingested marijuana and besides getting high, got the munchies.

Since then, I’ve enjoyed writing about a bird that poops upon command, a dog that licks armpits, sticking my arm up a cow’s rear, and most recently, amputating a turtle’s penis. Wow! What have I learned from my experiences writing for MidWeek? They really need to screen my articles a little better. LOL

MidWeek provides a wonderful vehicle to share all the “craziness” that occurs in the world of veterinary medicine. Most people think a veterinarian’s life involves playing with puppies, giving vaccinations, doing surgeries and saving lives. Although this is all true, there is so much more. The stories in The Wild Side are all real. But besides being interesting and lighthearted, hopefully the readers are learning a thing or two.

Since the day I first submitted articles, the MidWeek staff has been encouraging, positive and patient. They exemplified professionalism and displayed an unbridled, infectious enthusiasm. Happy 30th anniversary, MidWeek! Thanks for being an integral part of Hawaii, and for letting me, well … be me.