Letters To The Editor

Tears of thanks

Mahalo to MidWeek and writer Steve Murray for a wonderful cover story on the Congressional Medal of Honor recipients who will be in town this week. I was never in the military, but respect what our military men and women do for our country. The bravery and sacrifice of the Medal of Honor recipients humbled me, and brought many tears of appreciation. God bless them all.

Ted Murata, Honolulu

Editors’s note: Although we were originally told Sen. Dan Inouye would be joining his fellow Medal of Honor recipients at events this week, his office informed MidWeekafter the story was published that he regrettably will not be in attendance.

Catholic’s ‘peep’

Consider this a loud and dissenting “peep” from a Christian/Catholic who is offended by the image that accompanied Bob Jones’ column last week. The photo shows a desecration of the Michaelangelo painting in the Sistine Chapel of God reaching down and touching the finger of Adam – but here they are toasting with beers! Mr. Jones says that while Muslims rioted over cartoons that insult their religion and prophet, there’s been “hardly a peep from Christians.”

Not any longer.

Mary Silva, Honolulu

Falling in line

Thank you for publishing two letters on Israel as a non-ally of the U.S. I’m always amazed that conservatives who would howl if President Obama were to follow the dictates of any other nation, no matter how friendly, are tripping over themselves to fall in line with whatever Israel wants from us. Kudos to Obama for not bowing down and meeting with President Netanyahu at the U.S.

Daniel Lewis, Downtown

Kicking the can

Many thanks for adding editorial cartoonist Clay Bennett to the MidWeek lineup. His toon last week on the U.S. “kicking the can down the road” on every issue of national importance is a fair and accurate condemnation of both major political parties.

Janice Stephens, Kailua

Pandora indeed

Reading Ron Nagasawa’s column “Pandora’s Box,” about all the “stuffs” he found while cleaning out his wife’s car, I was reminded of the TV commercial where the husband is sleeping on the couch.

I hope for Ron’s sake that Mrs. Nagasawa is a good sport.

Jordan Lee, Honolulu