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The Wild Side
Dr. John Kaya
The Wild Side // A Dog Lover’s Compassionate Act
Mrs. Higashi was a long-time client who loved animals and always provided the best care for her pets. Our hospital had not seen her since...

Dr. John Kaya
The Wild Side // Secret To Keep Fouling Cats Away
Fifteen years ago, as I was enjoying a cup of coffee and studying for a veterinary school exam, my wife suggested we rescue a cat...

Dr. John Kaya
The Wild Side // When Survival Instinct Takes Over
There have been many stories about extraordinary acts performed by everyday people to survive a life-threatening situation. What would you do to survive? I once...

Dr. John Kaya
The Wild Side // Things You Learn In Vet School
It was a frigid, wintery morning in Minnesota. A fresh coat of white snow covered the ground outside the veterinary teaching barn. The only haven...

Dr. John Kaya
The Wild Side // The Perils Of Doggie Kisses
The world is filled with folk myths, and the veterinary exam room is no exception. Jenny brought in her 4-month-old French bulldog for his last...

Dr. John Kaya
The Wild Side // A Traumatized Parrot Gets Picky
I’ve had plenty of avian patients over the years, and each has a different squawk: cockatiels, love birds and sun conures head the list. The...

Dr. John Kaya
The Wild Side // Playing Chicken With Your Dog
Lessons learned from life experiences seem to stick in your memory. Years ago, I relieved myself in the great outdoors on a blustery day, only...

Dr. John Kaya
The Wild Side // It’s A Fish-Eat-Fish World
Treating exotic animals requires creativity and a “why not?” philosophy. New ideas are shared openly in the exotic animal community so that patients benefit. To...

Dr. John Kaya
The Wild Side // Turtle’s Ninja Days Are Over
My children are really into Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. In fact, they watch this educational program every week – with their daddy, of course. You...

Dr. John Kaya
The Wild Side // A Chocolate Lab’s Sweet Addiction
Rex walked into our office one day with his good buddy Koa, a 2-year-old rambunctious chocolate Labrador retriever. I’ve known Koa since he was a...

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