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The Right Price
Larry Price
The Right Price // 2014 Legislative Predictions
Oh, good, state lawmakers are back in session and they promise to be there for at least four months. After all the fireworks at last...

Larry Price
The Right Price // 2014: We’ve Seen This Before
It’s that time of the year when most of us want to sweep out the old and invite in the new. That sounds nice, but...

Larry Price
The Right Price // Shocked By School Food Poisoning
It truly was shocking news from the state Department of Health to learn that some 30 students from Waipahu Elementary had been taken to an...

Larry Price
The Right Price // Don’t Rain On The Ho, Ho, Ho Parade
Bright lights are up, people are going to parties, and happy music is in the air. That’s not all. It also seems like the time...

Larry Price
The Right Price // Caldwell V. The Circle
I find it interesting that Mayor Kirk Cadwell wants to earn some additional revenue for TheBus service by selling advertising on the exteriors of our...

Larry Price
The Right Price // Cell Phone Yakkers On Planes
It was disappointing to hear that some airlines – including Hawaiian – are going to allow passengers to use their cell phones while inside the...

Larry Price
The Right Price // Don’t Blame The Shopping Carts
Symbolism, Hollywood, despair, mental anguish and politics all intertwined to entertain the public last week in an unlikely display of political frustration surfacing in Waikiki...

Larry Price
The Right Price // Marriage Equality Was Well Earned
This fight for marriage equality was interesting to observe. It kind of reminded me of the old athletic truism that there is nothing as dramatic...

Larry Price
The Right Price // Little Attention To A Big Problem
A snake was found last week on a sidewalk in Chinatown in front of Kukui Plaza. There was no panic, as government agriculture officials rushed...

Larry Price
The Right Price // Another Special Session Is History
We’ve come a long way politically. In the past two weeks, our government has paraded all of our strong and weak points. Before you know...

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