Good Time To Evaluate Candidates

Last week’s government shutdown of the U.S economy has just about everyone worried about what the future holds.

I think it’s too early to worry about the possible impact on our daily lives. Part of the concern is that our desire to be comfortable is such a formidable need.

In Hawaii, the need is a little more real. It should be obvious to everyone in charge that we are, in many ways, dependent on the federal payroll to keep our economy afloat.

In the past, U.S. Sen. Daniel Inouye would have been the first one in Congress to remind his colleagues of our reliance on military dependents, those working at the parks and monuments and, most of all, Pearl Harbor Shipyard. Congress has come close a couple of times over the years to moving the majority of naval repairs to the West or East coast, but it was never able to get past Inouye’s objections.

What matters in the current shutdown of the federal government in Hawaii is how long it will last.

The first thing I’m looking for is if the president will remember his roots in Hawaii and protect our federal workforce. I’m not talking about keeping a few monuments and a couple of golf courses open. I’m talking about the entire workforce, including the commissaries.

One thing that makes it hard to understand our situation is that we are so far away from Washington, D.C. Additionally, there are so many confusing opinions about what happened and what the average citizen can do about it.

It’s probably reasonable to recommend that voters call their congressional representatives in Washington, or wherever they are at the moment, and lend your voice or opinion to the problem. Insisting on understanding what is motivating our politicians seems to give little or no relief. It seems that what you learn is nothing more than an opinion and not worth the effort. Some will argue that’s how we got in this predicament.

Now is a good time to remember the late Sen. Inouye and let the people who are attempting to take his place tell us what is going on and how long it’s going to last.

And while it’s true there is a mad scramble of candidates fighting for his job and your vote, it’s also a good time to measure them up in this time of economic crisis.