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Steve Murray
Hot Air // Realignment A Long Time Coming
The NHL is moving forward by returning to its not-so-distant past. Last week the NHL board of governors approved a realignment plan that would return...

Steve Murray
Hot Air // Wahine Succeed As Men Falter
The Wahine are where the Rainbow Warriors should be. This fact is an area of excitement and disappointment. For the Wahine, it’s the joy of...

Steve Murray
Hot Air // NFL Not Yet Ready For Gay Athletes
Following Colorado tight end Nick Kasa’s claim that interviewers at the NFL combine asked him questions about his sexual orientation, the NFL released a statement...

Steve Murray
Hot Air // Power Play Killing NCAA Credibility
The disconnect has never been greater among the NCAA, those it commands and the public for which it spends countless dollars to convey the illusion...

Steve Murray
Hot Air // Paterno Family Defends The Myth
The Paternos believe it was money well spent. Incensed that the legend of Joe Paterno could be anything but legendary – and therefore equal parts...

Steve Murray
Hot Air // Arena Finally Getting An Attitude
It’s been a search that has gone on longer than the hunt for Bigfoot, Jimmy Hoffa and a pass-first point guard quick enough to create...

Steve Murray
Hot Air // Tragic Death Shouldn’t Kill Sport
Caleb Moore shouldn’t have died. Twenty-five is just too young. Moore, a four time X Games medalist, was attempting a backflip during the snowmobile freestyle...

Steve Murray
Hot Air // Te’o’s Handlers Failed Their Client
Whether Manti Te’o was the innocent, yet naive victim of an elaborate hoax or had purposely taken advantage of the situation for his own benefit...

Steve Murray
Hot Air // Armstrong Can’t Hide True Self
You’ve got to credit‘s headline writers for their accuracy: Lance Armstrong is a huge ass****. That was the online publication’s assessment of the issue...

Steve Murray
Hot Air // Apathy Leads To Voting Confusion
Without any notice, the Baseball Writers Association of America (BWAA) has relocated to Palm Beach County, Fla., the land of sunshine, early bird buffets and...

Steve Murray
Hot Air // Field Of Dreams Sale Saves Image
Wade Boggs is hoping that if they build it, more people will come. An investment group that includes the Hall of Fame third baseman has...

Steve Murray
Hot Air // A Look Inside The Dark Side Of NFL
I’m not going to bust on former Lions offensive lineman Lomas Brown for admitting he let a Green Bay defender hit quarterback Scott Mitchell in...

Steve Murray
Hot Air // Jay Has Big Job Ahead At UH
Leave it to veteran broadcaster Jim Leahey to ask the most pertinent questions. At Ben Jay’s introductory press conference last week, the second in line...

Steve Murray
Hot Air // Parker’s Comments A Sign Of Times
Rob Parker, the former Detroit News columnist and part-time ESPN commentator, showed that experience offers no protection from idiotic statements. While on First Take, Parker...

Steve Murray
Hot Air // Celebrating A Heisman Holiday
Dec. 7, 2012. Heisman Eve: ‘Twas the night before Heisman, and all through the land No writer failed to comment, no blogger took a stand...

Steve Murray
Hot Air // The Man Who Set Ballplayers Free
Major League Baseball has finally got what it’s wanted. Marvin Miller is dead. The labor negotiator treated the league as his personal punching bag, and...

Steve Murray
Hot Air // Seeing At Least 20 Wins For UH
Early season optimism is perhaps sports’ greatest gift to our everyday lives. I admit that’s heavy to the point of being ridiculous. But stuck as...

Steve Murray
Hot Air // Secrecy Official ‘Fort Manoa’ Policy
To say everything is just peachy at Cal State-Fullerton would be erroneous. Its men’s basketball coach resigned in June, a year after several players threatened...

Steve Murray
Hot Air // Truth Not Pretty For UH Football
In 2006, Al Gore’s narrated documentary An Inconvenient Truth offered a shocking vision of the future because of global warming and other environmental concerns. An...

Steve Murray
Hot Air // Classic Cancelation Cancels Hope
In glacial terms I’m not that old. Yes, the hair is gray and the belly has enough pot in it to get a courtesy call...


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