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Hawaii politics, political news and opinions.

Jerry Coffee
Coffee Break // The Wonders Of Modern Hearing Aids
Several years ago, when my 83-year-old mom was visiting us, we were in our kitchen – wife Susan was at the sink, my mom and...

Dan Boylan
Mostly Politics // What To Do With $844 Million?
What do you do with an $844 million state budget surplus? You read that right: $844 million. That is, even by the calculations of this...

Bob Jones
Just Thoughts // Union Sways State’s Prison Policy
Our state prisons are overcrowded, lack adequate mental health treatment and cost us too much. But Hawaii voters and law-makers seem stupefied about what to...

Dan Boylan
Mostly Politics // Holidays Of Conspicuous Consumption
I write on New Year’s Eve with less than 48 hours remaining in the holiday season. Thank all the gods on heaven and earth. As...

Dan Boylan
Mostly Politics // Hello, 2014 … What’s Mufi Gonna Do?
Ah, the new year is upon us: full of hope, full of cheer, full of … foreboding. Which will it bring? “You wanna get a...

Larry Price
The Right Price // 2014: We’ve Seen This Before
It’s that time of the year when most of us want to sweep out the old and invite in the new. That sounds nice, but...

Bob Jones
Just Thoughts // Wishful Thinking For The New Year
Happy New Year. But it begins with 47 million Americans on food stamps. Nothing to be happy about. Ringing in the new year Jan. 1...

Bob Jones
Just Thoughts // Christmas, USPS Mahalo And Bus Ads
Merry Christmas. (I’m not a “Happy Holidays” kind of guy.) Most American colonists had no holiday greeting at all. Puritans, Calvinists and Quakers considered Christmas...

Dan Boylan
Mostly Politics // A Last Look At Politics In 2013
The year started amid uncertainty. The death of United States Sen. Daniel K. Inouye just prior to Christmas 2012 left policymakers worried. State Budget Director...

Larry Price
The Right Price // Shocked By School Food Poisoning
It truly was shocking news from the state Department of Health to learn that some 30 students from Waipahu Elementary had been taken to an...

Larry Price
The Right Price // Don’t Rain On The Ho, Ho, Ho Parade
Bright lights are up, people are going to parties, and happy music is in the air. That’s not all. It also seems like the time...

Jerry Coffee
Coffee Break // In The True Christmas Moment
Probably like so many of you, months ago my wife, Susan, and I took a sacred oath to avoid the deadly “Christmas Crunch” (sounds like...

Bob Jones
Just Thoughts // A Look At Development Plans
I’ve lived here 51 years and have been a reporter on and witness to all the Oahu development that began our sprawl, crowding, bad architecture,...

Dan Boylan
Mostly Politics // Contradictions Of The Season
Wednesday evening last, I found myself sitting on a bench at Pearl-ridge Mall Uptown jotting notes for an after-dinner talk. A parade of women with...

Bob Jones
Just Thoughts // Catching Up To New Realities
Let’s face it, this mixed plate of same-gender marriage, civil unions, sexual partnerships and children picking their gender identity is tough chewing, swallowing and digesting...

Dan Boylan
Mostly Politics // A Warrior Ready For Washington
Donna Mercado Kim has had a good year. She’s humbled the chairman of the University of Hawaii Board of Regents, the Manoa chancellor and the...

Larry Price
The Right Price // Caldwell V. The Circle
I find it interesting that Mayor Kirk Cadwell wants to earn some additional revenue for TheBus service by selling advertising on the exteriors of our...

Bob Jones
Just Thoughts // Senate Race A Proxy For Governors
Here’s a question I’ve been hearing a lot lately: “Who do you think will win the Brian Schatz/Colleen Hanabusa race?” I say, “I have no...

Dan Boylan
Mostly Politics // Time For A Death With Dignity Bill
Last week the mailperson delivered a postcard from a Hilo memorial park (aka a cemetery). It advertised a “simple cremation for $37 a month” for...

Jerry Coffee
Coffee Break // An American Hero’s Surprise
On the morning of April 8, 1968, an Army helicopter was traversing a shard of scrubby jungle a few clicks (kilometers) south of the DMZ...


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