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Just Thoughts
Bob Jones
Just Thoughts // Say No To GMOs: Folly Or Fact?
Kauai is going bonkers over that proposed genetically modified organism-pesticide county ordinance. Citizen against citizen. And it’s all unnecessary, because there is existing state and...

Bob Jones
Just Thoughts // What If Deedy Didn’t Pack A Gun?
There’s much to be learned from the Christopher Deedy murder trial, whether you agree with the eventual outcome or not. It’s about our gun culture....

Bob Jones
Just Thoughts // Overblown TV Storm Coverage
This should have been said or written a long time ago: Our TV news stations must stop scaring the hell out of us every time...

Bob Jones
Just Thoughts // Getting Homeless Out Of Parks
This whole homeless-in-Hawaii issue is fraught with political and emotional overtones – so much that there really is no compromise solution that will have all...

Bob Jones
Just Thoughts // A Quirky Candidate For Quirky UH
Can the next University of Hawaii president be a proven CEO without also offering almost-peerless academic credentials? I think a case can be made that...

Bob Jones
Just Thoughts // Recovering From Knee Surgery
I’m pleased to say I’ve had a quick, complete and limited-pain recovery from total knee-replacement surgery. It’s common surgery now, and I thought my recovery...

Bob Jones
Just Thoughts // Gender Identity In The Restroom
A Star-Advertiser reader from Moiliili probably touched many sensitive social-issue nerves with a recent letter to the editor, saying, “I believe one should use a...

Bob Jones
Just Thoughts // To War Or Not To War, America?
Forget about Vietnam. American armed forces seem to be topping our politicians and journalists in favorability rankings in polls this year by Gallup and Pew...

Bob Jones
Just Thoughts // A Query For UH Prez Candidates
One question I’d like to ask any prospective UH president is, “What would your policy be on free speech, even politically incorrect speech, by faculty...

Bob Jones
Just Thoughts // A Golden Opportunity — Or Not
“A thousand men go searchin’ for gold. After six months, one of them’s lucky. His find represents not only his own labor, but that of...

Bob Jones
Just Thoughts // Extinction Of Languages Is Natural
I took heat recently for writing that $28 million for a new Hawaiian Language College building in Hilo could be viewed as excessive. One woman...

Bob Jones
Just Thoughts // Homeless; New Prison Problems
I sympathize with Mayor Kirk Caldwell, who has to do a political balancing act between those who want the homeless off our sidewalks and parks...

Bob Jones
Just Thoughts // Prepping For Knee Replacement
One day you’re walking around OK, albeit a bit gimpy. The next some surgeon is sawing the bones out of your leg and redoing the...

Bob Jones
Just Thoughts // Elected AG, Messy Yards, GMOS
I hope those state Department of Hawaiian Home Lands bad lease policies exposed by the Star-Advertiser and those airport procurement irregularities uncovered by the state...

Bob Jones
Just Thoughts // UH Presidents, Books, Parks
I don’t think many non-UH-employed or -affiliated people will disagree with my assessment that the university is in extremis – most often meaning “in extreme...

Bob Jones
Just Thoughts // Discovering The Joys Of Myanmar
Call it Burma, Myanmar or the Republic of the Union of Myanmar. It’s the hot travel destination now that the generals have donned suits, loosened...

Bob Jones
Just Thoughts // Awaiting Proof GMOs Are Unsafe
I stand with Kaneohe veterinarian and family physician Gary Johnson, who wrote in the Star-Advertiser that “I have never seen a research article showing harm...

Bob Jones
Just Thoughts // Are Hilo Projects Money Well-spent?
Somebody surely will ask: Why are we spending $28 million in state money for the College of Hawaiian Language building at UH Hilo? Why put...

Bob Jones
Just Thoughts // Rethinking How We Do Marriage
Our whole marriage/civil union thing is archaic and needs to be restructured. Why is the state “licensing” any of this anyway? There may have been...

Bob Jones
Just Thoughts // UH Needs Audit, Not PR Campaign
A recent Star-Advertiser editorial called for “repairing the reputation” of the University of Hawaii. The writer said the main problem is that UH may not...


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