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Vino Sense
Roberto Viernes
Vino Sense // The Most Hedonistic Time Of The Year
Oooh yeah! Thanksgiving is here and, as you may know, it is my favorite holiday of the year. I think it is the most hedonistic...

Roberto Viernes
Vino Sense // Mixed Message: Phones At Wine Dinners
So I am hosting a wine dinner at one of our local Italian restaurants, and between courses I notice that almost everyone is tapping away...

Roberto Viernes
Vino Sense // Next Generation Of Master Sommeliers
I think the wine service in Hawaii just got better over the past three days. Yes, almost overnight, the knowledge, service standards and abilities of...

Roberto Viernes
Vino Sense // A Sommelier’s Brewing Love Of Beer
My wife noticed that I have been drinking more beer lately. I know that the name of this column is Vino Sense and that I...

Roberto Viernes
Vino Sense // Pairing Wines With The Best Of Sicily
Someone in the wine business once told me, “You go to France for the wine and to Italy for the food.” I immediately thought that...

Roberto Viernes
Vino Sense // Don’t Overlook Washington State Wines
Everyone is looking for the next breakthrough grape or wine region on the planet. Importers scour distant continents to find some really cool, tasty and...

Roberto Viernes
Vino Sense // An Evening Of Passion For Burgundy
Have I ever mentioned that I love Burgundy? It is the wine region closest to my heart and my palate. And every once in a...

Roberto Viernes
Vino Sense // The Reason We’re Called ‘Master’
“Is it good for the wine industry?” That is the question that sparked a lively debate recently while I was in Napa Valley. The “it”...

Roberto Viernes
Vino Sense // The Benefits Of Blind Tasting
As a Master Sommelier, blind tasting is a subject that comes up often, and this is not the first time I have written about it....

Roberto Viernes
Vino Sense // A Master Sommelier’s Blushing Moments
This week’s column is a little difficult for me to write. In fact, I debated quite some time before deciding to go forward with it....

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