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Musical Notes
Bill Mossman
Musical Notes // Brittni Paiva – Built for Speed
Whether behind the wheel of a car or in front of a crowd, ukulele virtuoso Brittni Paiva always seems to be going places — and...

Bill Mossman
Musical Notes // The Self-Made Man
With the release of his latest CD, Daniel Ho proves he can be quite super while performing the music he was born to record Midway...

Bill Mossman
Musical Notes // Gamiao’s Got Game
He’s among the rising generation of talented musicians in the Islands. In some corners of this paradise and in places beyond its shorelines, admirers are...

Bill Mossman
Musical Notes // A Big Whoppertunity
Duncan Osorio’s TV commercial may be just what he needs to get a promising music career broiling again The last time many of us heard...

Bill Mossman
Musical Notes // A Star Is Born
Led by his daughter’s memory, Eric Lee found direction in the skies to produce his newest CD In writing about life’s most difficult challenges, Ralph...

Bill Mossman
Musical Notes // Love Of A Lifetime
Jazz great David Benoit is still flying high these days, three decades after he met a woman in Hawaii and fell in love Gifted jazz...

Bill Mossman
Musical Notes // Loud and Proud
Pop-punk rockers Anygivenchance have never been shy of cranking the volume on stage or taking risks with their career. Don’t expect them to change character...

Bill Mossman
Musical Notes // The Rule of Three
Life’s been good lately for the talented alternative pop rock trio Saving Cadence, thanks to a fresh-sounding debut album and an opening act date with...

Bill Mossman
Musical Notes // The Good Son
Reggae sensation Ziggy Marley is back in town for a concert this week, still holding true to his beliefs and the lessons his famous father...

Bill Mossman
Musical Notes // The Cradle Will Rock
Who says you have to be a geezer to play classic rock? Chaotic Five and its wet-behind-the-ears members are proof that being part of a...

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