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Art & Stage
Rasa Fournier
Art & Stage // Ushering in 2015
It’s a lively Baby New Year that’s come kicking and dancing onto the art scene, offering plenty of entertainment, even as the holidays come to...

Rasa Fournier
Art & Stage // Self-Guided Art Tour
Oahu boasts art studios and artists a-plenty, but there’s no easy compilation of the locations, let alone one-on-one time with the artists … until now....

Rasa Fournier
Art & Stage // Cultural Significance In Japanese Erotic Art
The word “erotic” instantly evokes layers of emotion ranging from fascinated to offended. But look beyond the knee-jerk reaction, and there’s plenty of cultural and...

Rasa Fournier
Art & Stage // Musical Revue Hits The Spot
A show made up of songs by Richard Maltby Jr. (lyricist) and David Shire (music), but that never made it into any of their musicals,...

Rasa Fournier
Art & Stage // At Home in Anatevka
There’s a countrified timelessness in wooden shelves and banisters, draped rope, yellow-glow lamps, wooden furnishings and metal dishes. Something warm that in humanity’s ancestral spirit...

Rasa Fournier
Art & Stage // A ‘Good’ Greek Gift
Several years ago, I watched the kids at Kaiser High put on Jesus Christ Superstar, directed by Bill Ogilvie. The experience was unforgettable, not just...

Rasa Fournier
Art & Stage // Dance Like Everyone Is Watching
You hear the word “dance” in Hawaii, and hula, Tahitian and other Pacific Islander dance forms sway and shimmy their way through your mind’s eye....

Rasa Fournier
Art & Stage // Oooh La La EuroCinema
Hawaii’s dearth of art house theaters — that offer something more intellectually meaty than the garden-variety blockbuster — makes a pop-up cluster of cream-of-the-crop European...

Rasa Fournier
Art & Stage // Indian Folk Art
A group of performers shows up in the village square, unrolls a scroll covered every inch in vivid storyboard images, and based on those images,...

Rasa Fournier
Art & Stage // Fiesta Time
Kapiolani Park will be transformed into Little Mexico — or should we say Little Cuba, or Colombia or Bolivia? Sept. 15 to Oct. 15 is...

Rasa Fournier
Art & Stage // Another Paliku Hit With Hairspray
It’s always a mini adventure driving to Paliku Theatre. A short jaunt over the Pali and you’re on a sprawling campus at the base of...

Rasa Fournier
Art & Stage // They’re Back
Waikiki was once again a sea of flashing smart phones and boisterous fans at Five-0‘s fifth season premiere Sept. 13. Folks who flew in from...

Rasa Fournier
Art & Stage // A Thrilling Hangout
Getting out and about in the past six years means at some point you’ve seen the aerial dancers of Samadhi Hawaii entombing themselves in a...

Rasa Fournier
Art & Stage // Eddie Lives On
From a tragedy to a talk, a book, a dramatic reading and finally a full-blown, giant-puppet production, Marion Lyman-Mersereau has rendered the story of famed...

Rasa Fournier
Art & Stage // Let Them Eat Pasta
It’s everything you’d imagine an artists’ enclave to be. Ceramic lettering on the front fence spells “Hawaii Potter’s Guild,” and hanging about the fence are...

Rasa Fournier
Art & Stage // Preserving History
Historic Hawaii Foundation is conducting a walking tour of three iconic down town buildings, including a structure where award-winning architect Glenn Mason runs his firm,...

Rasa Fournier
Art & Stage // Theater Royalty
When Broadway entertainers are fondly dropping the name Ronald Bright as their mentor, the man has earned the title Living Legend. As a tribute to...

Rasa Fournier
Art & Stage // Something Wicked
Queen of Darkness DJ Nocturna, who brings us the annual Miss Vamp and Count Dracula pageants, is stirring up more gothic thrills. This time she...

Rasa Fournier
Art & Stage // Prepare To Be Wowed
I turn a jaded eye when I hear there’s a new show in Waikiki. Dancers, acrobats, aerial artists, contortionists ― we’ve seen it all. The...

Rasa Fournier
Art & Stage // Monty Python Gold
Poetic incongruity found the British kings of comedy holding their farewell show, Monty Python Live (mostly), in London, even as the very lively Monty Python...


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