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Hawaii’s entertainment guide – TV listings, arts & stage,movies

Tom Moffatt
Uncle Tom's Gabbin // Bruno Mars and traveling party are in town.
BRUNO MARS AND traveling party are in town, here after their final night in Japan and ready for three nights in Hawaii at the Blaisdell...

Rasa Fournier
Art & Stage // Much Ado About The Earl Of Oxford
Shakespeare’s tome doesn’t call forth visions of students on stage. Nevertheless, the Bard and high school students make an ideal combination, says esteemed local actor...

Rasa Fournier
Art & Stage // Paintings That Dance
In a flurry of motion, hula dancers leap off the screen to soulful Hawaiian chanting, or leis are piled forehead-high onto a grad. Tandem surfers...

Tom Moffatt
Uncle Tom's Gabbin // Sheldon Simeon, Heather Locklear and More Entertainment News
CONGRATULATIONS TO chef Sheldon Simeon of Mala Wailea and MiGRANT at Maui’s Wailea Beach Marriott, who was just voted the People’s Choice Best New Chef...

Rasa Fournier
Art & Stage // For The Love Of Lincoln
He’s on the penny and the five-dollar bill, and he’s as famous for his top hat and beard as for his stance against slavery. Since...

Tom Moffatt
Uncle Tom's Gabbin // Britney Spears, Kristen Bell and More Entertainment News
BRITNEY SPEARS ARRIVED with sons Sean and Jayden, boyfriend David Lucado and three bodyguards in tow to spend a few days last week at Aulani...

Tom Moffatt
Uncle Tom's Gabbin // Princess Leia, Riya Urei Davis and More Entertainment News
PRINCESS LEIA SPOTTED at the Kahala … That’s right, Carrie Fisher vacationed with her family at the Kahala Hotel & Resort! A passerby heard someone...

Rasa Fournier
Art & Stage // Fashioning Linguistic Masterpieces
To read Gail N. Harada’s poetry and prose is to be cradled by words – words that transcend the sum of their parts, immersing the...

Tom Moffatt
Uncle Tom's Gabbin // Nick Jonas is back for a repeat Hawaii Five-0…
IT’S A $50 MILLION PARTY! Blaisdell Arena celebrates its 50th anniversary Saturday, April 12, at 7:30 p.m., and yours truly will host a huge dance...

Rasa Fournier
Art & Stage // TAHITI: Dancing With Flair
We’re familiar with the impossibly fast hip-swaying of Tahitian dancers and their bright costumes that fan out like a burst of fireworks, but Rose Perreira...

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