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Hawaii business news & notes, business leaders, entrepreneurs and financial advice.

Jaimie Kim
Movers // Business Leaders on the Move in Hawaii – 2/19/14
Pattie Herman has been promoted to director of sales and marketing for Waikiki Beach Marriott Resort & Spa. She will embark on sales and marketing...

Christina O’Connor
Entrepreneurs // Local Businesses Share Work With Legislators
From food to fashion and information technology to clean energy, Hawaii-grown businesses represent a vibrant, diverse entrepreneurial community. But there is much room for growth....

David S. Chang
Thinking Smart // Secrets Of The Wealthy, Part 1
The No. 1 financial goal that I hear from people is that they want to be financially independent. They don’t want to worry about money...

Jaimie Kim
Movers // Business Leaders on the Move in Hawaii – 2/12/14
Johnathan C. Bolton has been named a partner with Goodsill Anderson Quinn & Stifel LLP. His practice centers on business law, with a specialization in...

MidWeek Staff
Roundtable // Making Babies
By Thomas Kosasa, M.D. Medical Director of Pacific In Vitro Fertilization Institute Founded in 1985, Pacific In Vitro Fertilization Institute is Hawaii’s first IVF clinic....

Christina O’Connor
Entrepreneurs // Friendly Approach Keeps Biz Thriving
Last week, I gave an Ilio Dentals’ Teeth Treat to each of my best friend’s three dogs. By all three of their accounts – if...

MidWeek Staff
Roundtable // ARC Celebrates Centennial
By Brian Watamura Director of ARC Document Solutions If a business reaches its 100th anniversary, it can toast a storied past and its propensity to...

David S. Chang
Thinking Smart // Is The Roth IRA Right For You?
One of the best ways to save for retirement is through individual retirement accounts (IRA). There are two different types of IRAs, traditional and Roth....

Jaimie Kim
Movers // Business Leaders on the Move in Hawaii – 2/5/14
Michelle Cabalse has been hired as a public involvement coordinator of Kiewit Building Group Inc. In her new role, she is responsible for helping the...

Christina O’Connor
Entrepreneurs // Focusing On The Beauty Of The Islands
About 12 years ago, Tom Yim sold all of his belongings and left Los Angeles and a career in the fashion industry to move to...

Jaimie Kim
Movers // Business Leaders On The Move In Hawaii – 1/29/14
Sharlene Chun-Lum has been appointed executive director of Papa Ola Lokahi. In her new role, Chun-Lum will work collaboratively with POL’s board and stakeholders, foster...

David S. Chang
Thinking Smart // Credit And Tax-Return Breaches
Credit card breaches and identity theft unfortunately are becoming more common: 40 million customer names, card numbers, the security codes and expiration dates were stolen...

Christina O’Connor
Entrepreneurs // Student Hopes To Kick-Start Pen Line
Like a lot of children, Grant Takara loved to build things when he was a kid. He often would spend a whole Saturday making his...

David S. Chang
Thinking Smart // Making Sense Of The New Federal Health Care Law
Starting this year, the Affordable Care Act (ACA), aka Obamacare, took effect. It was passed in 2010, and it will take at least five years...

Jaimie Kim
Movers // Business Leaders On The Move In Hawaii – 1/22/14
Matt Bailey has been hired as chief operating officer at Aston Hotels & Resorts. In his new position, Bailey is responsible for Aston’s daily operations...

MidWeek Staff
Roundtable // Creating Legendary Moments
By Brian Brigner Chief Operating Officer of Legends in Concert As Legends in Concert Waikiki celebrates its two-year anniversary, we have a lot to look...

Christina O’Connor
Entrepreneurs // Social Media Helps Launch Clutch Line
Several months ago, Amanda Dela Cruz snapped a photo of a cup of coffee adorned with a design on the surface and posted it on...

Jaimie Kim
Movers // Business Leaders On The Move In Hawaii – 1/15/14
Liberty Peralta has been appointed director of communications at PBS Hawaii. In her new role, she will oversee the nonprofit organization’s communications, including media relations,...

MidWeek Staff
Roundtable // Looking To The Next 50 Years
By David Furuya President and Owner of KZOO Radio KZOO Radio is proud to celebrate 50 years of radio broadcasting in Hawaii, and now our...

David S. Chang
Thinking Smart // How To Profit In The Stock Market
If we look over the past 15 years or so, it’s easy to understand why investors have been nervous. When the tech bubble burst in...


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