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MidWeek Staff
Roundtable // World-class Dentistry
By Dr. Wynn Okuda, D.M.D. Owner of Dental Day Spa of Hawaii Recently I celebrated 25 years of practicing cosmetic, implant and restorative dentistry. In...

Christina O’Connor
Entrepreneurs // New Site Allows Social Interaction With Safety
When Cynthia Tercier moved to the Islands from Philadelphia to attend Argosy University, she didn’t know anyone. She made friends at school, but everyone was...

David S. Chang
Thinking Smart // Top Regrets Expressed By Retirees
Retirement is always one of the top concerns for Americans. This is no surprise, given that preparing for retirement is not something you can do...

Jaimie Kim
Movers // Business Leaders on the Move in Hawaii – 3/26/14
Mary-Jean Shiroma has been hired as benefits consultant at Servco Pacific Inc. She will service existing Servco Insurance accounts and develop new business, and will...

Christina O’Connor
Entrepreneurs // Local Company Expands Nationwide
When Michael Menendez flew into L.A. from Honolulu earlier this month, he kept moving – driving from there to San Diego, then to Phoenix, then...

MidWeek Staff
Roundtable // Best-kept Secret For Administrators
R. Healani Waia’u President of International Association of Administrative Professionals Hawaii Division Most administrators are not aware that they can join In ternational Association of...

David S. Chang
Thinking Smart // Inspirational Words To Live By
Prior to my deployment to Iraq with the 25th Infantry Division at Schofield Barracks in 2006, our commander had Kent Keith, author of The Paradoxical...

Jaimie Kim
Movers // Business Leaders on the Move in Hawaii – 3/19/14
Travis Nishijo has joined Servco Automotive’s Servco Auto Parts Center division as assistant director of parts. He now will oversee operations for Servco’s Parts Distribution...

MidWeek Staff
Roundtable // ‘Akamai’ Termite Treatments
By Roger Meints Owner of Akamai Pest Solutions For many years, dry-wood termites have created problems for homeowners and business owners in Hawaii. Tent fumigation...

Christina O’Connor
Entrepreneurs // Life Coach Shares Success Secrets
In 2010, Rosetta Thurman quit her job at a nonprofit in Washington, D.C., to pursue a consulting business that focused on leadership guidance for nonprofit...

David S. Chang
Thinking Smart // How Much Do You Need To Retire?
According to a recent study, retirement is proving more difficult than expected for many Americans, in large part because they haven’t saved enough and don’t...

Jaimie Kim
Movers // Business Leaders on the Move in Hawaii – 3/12/14
Alan H. Kodama has been named to the list of “America’s Top 1,200 Advisors: State-by-State,” which is published by Barron’s magazine, a publication that covers...

Christina O’Connor
Entrepreneurs // Local Musician Branches Out
When people ask musician Koa Siu how he is doing, he often responds with, “Living the dream.” That especially has been the case in the...

Jaimie Kim
Movers // Business Leaders on the Move in Hawaii – 3/5/14
Earl Kurisu has been hired by Hawaiian Host as director of sales in the Asia-Pacific region. He has more than nine years of experience in...

David S. Chang
Thinking Smart // Top Investment Rules For Retirement
With people living longer and the future of Social Security uncertain, setting up a financial plan and investing in a retirement account is crucial for...

Christina O’Connor
Entrepreneurs // Personal Need Fuels Treatment Program
Nearly 15 years ago, Susan Sorensen started trekking to the Mainland to seek out specialists to help her then-8-year-old daughter, who suffers from a severe...

Jaimie Kim
Movers // Business Leaders on the Move in Hawaii – 2/26/14
Patrick “Rick” Ching has been promoted to chief operating officer at Servco Pacific Inc. He will continue in his current role as president of Servco’s...

David S. Chang
Thinking Smart // Secrets Of The Wealthy, Part 3
Last week we covered part two of secrets the wealthy use to become financially independent. This week we cover secret investment products and strategies. *...

Christina O’Connor
Entrepreneurs // Taking Big Risks To Create Koa Products
Every couple of months, JACY Inc. president Jorma Winkler collects koa wood from the upper slopes of Mauna Kea and Mauna Loa on Hawaii Island,...

David S. Chang
Thinking Smart // Secrets Of The Wealthy, Part 2
Last week we covered Part 1 of the secrets to becoming financially independent and wealthy. This week we will cover the secret strategies the wealthy...


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