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Christina O’Connor
Entrepreneurs // Accelerator Helps Local Business Thrive
While presenting at various conferences about her work in creating business accelerators throughout the world, Lisa Kleissner caught wind that there was a growing entrepreneurial...

Christina O’Connor
Entrepreneurs // Soap Wholesaler Opens Haleiwa Shop
Black Friday is a big deal for a lot of retailers, but for Bubble Shack Hawaii, it was huge this year: After conducting wholesale operations...

Christina O’Connor
Entrepreneurs // Tech Bootcamp Has New Loan Option
Local software development bootcamp DevLeague recently launched a partnership with New York-based loan provider Climb to offer DevLeague students finance options, in an effort to...

Christina O’Connor
Entrepreneurs // Tours Seeks To Bolster Chinatown Biz
Sitting at a booth in Downbeat Diner in Chinatown, Ed Korybski tells me that much of this area was set on fire to control the...

Christina O’Connor
Entrepreneurs // Tips On Achieving A Work-Life Balance
In my conversations with entrepreneurs for this column, one thing that many of them seem to grapple with is something we all probably do to...

Christina O’Connor
Entrepreneurs // Priming Consumers For A Healthy Life
Driving down the freeway, Prime My Body co-founder Austin Tice says, “My car runs because I put good gasoline in it. Some people wonder why...

Christina O’Connor
Entrepreneurs // Costume Shop Has Halloween Covered
When Kharolina Lampe was growing up, her mother was a stage actress who made her own costumes. All of those costumes around the house were...

Christina O’Connor
Entrepreneurs // Problem Solved For Active Music Lovers
When Li-Michael Swan got his first iPod in 2007, he loved being able to take it to the gym and listen to music while he...

Christina O’Connor
Entrepreneurs // Bringing App Ideas To Life
Brother and sister Ryan and Katra Cuskaden are family law attorneys at Everett Cuskaden & Associates (“It’s family doing family law,” Katra explains), while longtime...

Christina O’Connor
Entrepreneurs // Hospitality Expert Turns Consultant
After working in the hospitality industry for more than 20 years, Dante Camara wants to share his knowledge and experiences ― which stretch from local...

Christina O’Connor
Entrepreneurs // Helping Kids (And Parents) With Chores
As an aerospace engineer, Maria D’Orazio worked for years designing structural parts for aircrafts and spacecrafts. More recently, she has been applying her skills to...

Christina O’Connor
Entrepreneurs // A Tranquil Getaway From Daily Stress
When Eiko Kim and her daughter Akiko Chun moved to the Islands after spending Chun’s youth in Japan and Korea, they noticed that Hawaii spas...

Christina O’Connor
Entrepreneurs // Easing The Pain Of Event Planning
Parties are generally a good time — but party planning? Usually not so much fun. Picture this: Your office (or group of friends, or family)...

Christina O’Connor
Entrepreneurs // Helping Businesses Grow Via Branding
A lot of times, it seems that the reality of things can fall short of our expectations of how we think it is supposed to...

Christina O’Connor
Entrepreneurs // Landscaper Cultivates Grass Business
Although Travis Mc-Gaughy initially had no plans to return to his family’s landscaping company while studying business administration in college, 10 years later he is...

Christina O’Connor
Entrepreneurs // Pro Surfer Shapes Boards, Too
Luckily for Robin Johnston, he has found that the best PR tool for his business is to do what he enjoys the most anyway: “Being...

Christina O’Connor
Entrepreneurs // Helping To Solve The Tech ‘Brain Drain’
Running a tech startup, Russel Cheng and Jason Sewell often had trouble finding Web developers to work with. They were up against the brain drain...

Christina O’Connor
Entrepreneurs // Healing Oneself Through Nature
Last August, during one of her shifts as a nurse at The Queen’s Medical Center, Dina Marie Kaniho ended up in the emergency room. She...

Christina O’Connor
Entrepreneurs // HCC Hosts Biz Fair
Here’s a situation that will probably sound pretty familiar to a lot of people, entrepreneurs or not: One local businesswoman was working around the clock...

Christina O’Connor
Entrepreneurs // Designing A Business On A Theory
As Michelle Jaime recalls when she and co-founder Judy Andrade launched their interior design firm The Vanguard Theory, she laughs: “It was sort of during...


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