Varied Biz Emphasizes Sustainability

Travis Wittmeyer

Travis Wittmeyer

Before launching sustainability focused lifestyle brand B+G Innovations, Travis Wittmeyer did home improvement and construction for more than a decade. But to hear him tell it, his immersion in the industry wasn’t something he initially sought.

“If anything, it was an accident,” he says with a laugh. “My primary goal was to always be a musician, and as I was pursuing my dream, this is the opportunity that came about.”

In his 20s, his dream of a career in music began to become a reality — he was accepted into a music institute. Prestigious, yes, but also expensive. To pay for it, he bought a home at a discounted rate, renovated it and then sold it for a profit.

For Wittmeyer, that experience launched a trajectory — he continued to invest in real estate, moving on to construction and other facets to fulfill he needs of his investments. Along the way, picking up bigger and bigger projects as he went, he acquired a range of skills in all areas of the industry. Eventually, he was handling everything from scouting the property to designing to building. He enjoyed it, but there was something missing — he wanted to leave a lasting, positive impact in the community.

“I started looking at how significant our choices as consumers are, and what that really meant for future generations,” Wittmeyer says. “It is important that we are making responsible choices and decisions in everything that we do. We want to be able to turn this world over to the next generation in a better condition than we found it.”

To fulfill that goal, he launched B+G Innovations, which creates and sells eco-friendly products, as well as offers full contracting and architectural design services. It launched about a year ago, and so far its clients have included hospitality, commercial and high-end residential properties.

B+G is comprised of five sub-divisions: products, imports, architecture and design builds, properties and smart tech. In the products division, B+G customizes specific items for individual customers, while focusing on being aesthetically pleasing as well as efficient. Its imports, which can be viewed in its Mapunapuna showroom, include doors, windows, furnishings and floors from all over the world. To gather these, Wittmeyer makes a point of going directly to the source.

A rendering of B+G’s work, including an LED lighting wall fixture B+G PHOTOS

A rendering of B+G’s work, including an LED lighting wall fixture B+G PHOTOS

“We have been able to connect with all of the producers of these to ensure that the sustainable practices are in place,” he says. “We’re interested in products that we are repurposing or reusing.”

When it comes to the architectural design division, B+G tailors custom luxury designs, from start to finish, allowing, Wittmeyer hopes, for fluid movement throughout the entire process. In its Smart Tech division, B+G creates customized high-tech solutions, including, for example, automation for features such as lighting. For its properties division, most of that is still under wraps right now, but Wittmeyer teases that there are some big things coming up for B+G.

Throughout the various divisions, there is a common thread of a focus on sustainability — utilizing eco-friendly materials and stressing efficiency.

Wittmeyer traces his desire to address such issues to his time spent traveling. During trips throughout the world, he noticed what he perceived to be an increasing amount of consumerism — and contemplated how that could affect the world as a whole.

“I see that the world is basically using too much, too fast, and that is going to be a major problem,” he says.

Through his work, Wittmeyer hopes to be able to help fight against that.

“All of these different facets contribute to a stronger individual and a stronger home and a stronger community, which ultimately leads to a stronger world.”

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