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Good Neighbors
Christina O’Connor
Good Neighbors // Emi Ige
On the morning of the attack on Pearl Harbor, Emi Ige’s father was finishing up his night shift as a civilian worker at the site...

Christina O’Connor
Good Neighbors // Sylvia “Elsie” Foster
About 20 years ago, a 5-year-old boy whom Sylvia “Elsie” Foster knew in her Waianae neighborhood was beaten to death by his stepfather. “It was...

Christina O’Connor
Good Neighbors // Suzanne Frazer and Dean Otsuki
In 2005, Suzanne Frazer and Dean Otsuki began walking along Waimanalo Beach as a way to reduce stress. But they found they couldn’t get far...

Christina O’Connor
Good Neighbors // Geoffrey Paterson
As a young architect, Geoffrey Paterson was encouraged by colleagues to join the American Institute of Architects Honolulu. Now 85 years old, Paterson, a Kailua...

Christina O’Connor
Good Neighbors // Michael-Logan Jordan
Last spring, Kailua resident Michael-Logan Jordan flew to Washington, D.C. in an effort to encourage Congress to maintain funding for the Arthritis Foundation. He informed...

Christina O’Connor
Good Neighbors // Joanne Iwamoto
When Joanne Iwamoto, the assistant director of housekeeping at Sheraton Princess Kaiulani and Moana Surfrider, was selected to head up green initiatives at the hotels...

Christina O’Connor
Good Neighbors // Dr. Greg Hurtado
If you get your teeth whitened at Hurtado Dental between now and June, you will help raise money for children here in Hawaii and throughout...

MidWeek Staff
Good Neighbors // Lehua Kaopio
When Lehua Kaopio was 13, her foster mom took her to an event through Kids Hurt Too, a nonprofit that aims to support and empower...

MidWeek Staff
Good Neighbors // Spca Volunteers
By 9:30 a.m. on a recent weekday, Candy Ching, Cyn Okido and Kelley Streadbeck already had been going about their routines in the dog kennels...

Christina O’Connor
Good Neighbors // Vik Watumull
In 1992, Vik Watumull’s mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. Watumull, a Punahou graduate who now is the vice president of family business Happy Shirts,...

Christina O’Connor
Good Neighbors // Justin Gachalian
In late October, nurse aide Justin Gachalian of Kaneohe watched the news as Hurricane Sandy unfolded, seeing it wreak havoc along the East Coast. As...

Christina O’Connor
Good Neighbors // Curtis Kropar
Following financial problems, Curtis Kropar ended up living on the streets of his native Pittsburgh, Pa., on and off for several years, starting in his...

Christina O’Connor
Good Neighbors // Lajoy Lindsey-Hanohano
Earlier this month, a group of people stopped by Hawaii Foodbank with donations they had collected. The collection drive only lasted a few hours, but...

Christina O’Connor
Good Neighbors // Albert Matsumoto
On one recent Thursday morning just before 8, Albert Matsumoto stands on the sidewalk outside of his longtime home in Nuuanu, smiling and waving at...

Christina O’Connor
Good Neighbors // Sarah Young
Between going for her master’s degree in criminology and working part time as a financial planner, Sarah Young has very little free time. And when...

Christina O’Connor
Good Neighbors // Ruth Freedman
Every Christmas night for the last 12 years, Makiki resident Ruth Freedman has been delighting audiences at Honolulu Hale with harp music as they take...

Christina O’Connor
Good Neighbors // Bruce Bucky
About five years ago, Bruce Bucky, owner and president/CEO of Hildgund Jewelry of Hawaii, got a phone call from a man who had been struggling...

Christina O’Connor
Good Neighbors // Christy Avilla
Growing up in public housing, Christy Avilla and her brother and sister didn’t have much. Secondhand toys and hand-me-down clothes from aunties and uncles and...

Christina O’Connor
Good Neighbors // Kiera Usagawa
Once a week after school, Castle High School senior Kiera Usagawa visits Kapunahala Elementary School to spend time with fifth-grade student Jessica. During their time...

Christina O’Connor
Good Neighbors // Wendy Loh
This Sunday, hundreds of competitors will descend upon the Blaisdell with the hope of building the best gingerbread house in the 13th annual Gingerbread Family...


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