Glenn Medeiros

Photo from Glenn Medeiros

Many may know Glenn Medeiros for his amazing singing voice that has entertained music lovers in the community for years. While he still performs (at Hale Koa’s luau as emcee Monday and Thursday nights), he also is turning his attention to Hawaii’s youths as vice principal of Maryknoll School.

“I still do a little bit of singing here and there,” says Medeiros, who was featured on MidWeek‘s cover Dec. 30, 1987, and again Dec. 19, 1990, along with Melveen Leed and Bruno Mars.

But right now, he’s quite satisfied with his role as vice principal, a position he has held for the past three years.

Prior to working in the administrative sector, Medeiros was a history teacher at the school for four years. He became interested in the subject because his father Robert would leave history books around the home.

“He was a tour guide on Kauai,” Medeiros explains.

He grew to love studying human behavior and why groups as a whole decide to do certain things.

“I try to recognize what those patterns are, the cause and effect of certain things,” he explains.

Medeiros still loves history, but has set his sights on a more administrative role. Early in his teaching career, he had considered becoming an administrator, but instead decided to teach because of his desire to help students. Thankfully, he realized that he could do both as an educational administrator.

“I could help students, but also help teachers and assist them in creating an environment where students and teachers can succeed,” he says.

In order to further develop his goal to help students and teachers work together, Medeiros is working on his dissertation with University of Southern California. He’s currently in his third year of the doctorate program, and hopes to graduate from the program next April.

“My passion is to help students who are diverse learners,” he explains of his dissertation.

He seeks to learn how to reach students who might not learn well in a traditional setting. “My goal is to build self-efficacy,” he adds.

Medeiros is using Maryknoll School and its students and teachers to achieve this goal and complete his dissertation.

There’s no doubt that he has high hopes for all the students and teachers at Maryknoll, and Medeiros is proud to say he is involved in school’s Civil Air Patrol Program, which teaches students leadership skills and aeronautics. The program recently was launched at the school, and this enables the students to assist in times of an emergency.

“If there’s a hurricane or tsunami, our students are there to support the community,” says Medeiros, who notes that each Wednesday he wears his civil air patrol uniform.

While serving as vice principal, working on his dissertation and his gigs at Hale Koa keep him busy, Medeiros also enjoys spending time with wife Tammy (of 17 years) and two children, son Chord (eighth-grader at Maryknoll) and daughter Lyric (seventh-grader at Maryknoll).