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A Mindful Moment
Alice Inoue
A Mindful Moment // On Helping Others
Many people say they want to help others. One of the many ways to do this is to focus on yourself. If this sounds backwards...

Alice Inoue
A Mindful Moment // You Are In The Right Place
You are exactly where you need to be in your life. The only thing that is stopping you from appreciating where you are is the...

Alice Inoue
A Mindful Moment // Live Consciously
Let’s strive to live consciously in each moment — with every decision, every greeting, every conversation, and every bite of every meal. Remember, it serves...

Alice Inoue
A Mindful Moment // Feel Good
If you want to feel good more of the time rather than less of the time, affirm things that are true for you. Rather than...

MidWeek Staff
A Mindful Moment // Appreciate And Love Yourself
Today and every day, remember to take the time to affirm the positive things about yourself! The more you appreciate, love and accept yourself for...

Alice Inoue
A Mindful Moment // Focus on Another
When is the last time you said, “How are you?” to someone and cared about what they said? I challenge you to value someone today...

Alice Inoue
A Mindful Moment // Being Present Now
How are you using this moment? What you do every moment is important because you are exchanging your life for it! When tomorrow arrives, today...

Alice Inoue
A Mindful Moment // Embrace The Present
It’s time to fully embrace the present and be bolder than we have ever dared. Today, find meaning in your challenges and use them as...

Alice Inoue
A Mindful Moment // Look For The Hidden
If you are under a lot of pressure, take a deep breath, slow down and look around. The hardships and frustrating events in our life...

Alice Inoue
A Mindful Moment // What Has Gone Right?
It’s easy to remember what went “wrong,” but remember also to affirm what has gone right. Where were you successful, where were you productive, where...

Alice Inoue
A Mindful Moment // Be Centered And Balanced
Happiness is more about being centered and balanced internally than it is about being in a state of “feeling positive” about everything all the time....


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