You’ve Got To Hand It To smarTouch

Alan Stewart photo

Here in Hawaii it’s not cold enough to even think about wearing gloves, but if you’re planning to travel where snow is falling, you need to know about these gloves I found. If you’ve been in the cold while trying to use a touchscreen device, you’re well aware that it’s quite frustrating to have to take your glove off in the freezing cold just to tap a button on your iPhone. These ISOTONER smarTouch gloves I discovered at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) make it possible to use your touchscreen gadgets while keeping your gloves on.

SmarTouch gloves feature a conductive thread, which is embroidered on each glove’s index finger and thumb. The thread conveys the electrical impulse from your fingers to your touch screen device (including most smartphones, GPS devices, mp3 players and even gas pumps). A nonslip palm design improves grip, while ISOTONER’s signature Stretch materials provide superior fit and flexibility.

By looking at the gloves you’d never know they’re special. I tested out my purple/black pair while living in the cold and snow for the last couple of weeks. These actually look quite stylish and are very comfortable. I don’t have much meat on my hands to make the gloves tight, but in order for them to work properly you have to make sure they fit snugly around your hands, especially the fingertips that have the conductive thread. This was no problem for me since I have the S size. For those with bigger hands, sizes go up to XL. If size is an issue, the gloves will stretch out with the flexible material. The insides are lined with a soft fleece and feel nice and toasty. I did not have to remove the gloves once to play with my iPhone or my iPad when I was outside.

If you are going to a cold place soon, I would highly suggest purchasing a pair of these smarTouch gloves. The suggested retail price is $42, but they’re going for $30 on the ISOTONER website ( or Other than purple/black, colors available are blue/black, red/black, pink/black, turquoise/black, green/black, brown, red, black and more.

Click Chick’s Mobile App of the Week: TipSubmit (CrimeStoppers)

TipSubmit Mobile is the first mobile app that lets the public anonymously submit tips to law enforcement agencies to help solve and prevent crime. This app allows you to submit secure anonymous tips to CrimeStoppers Honolulu via your iPhone or Android phone.

The app is a free download and when you first launch the app, you can find agencies by using the location services on your phone, and CrimeStoppers Honolulu will be at the top of the list. To make it a little confusing, you’ll also see a bunch of agencies pop up from California (if you’re launching the app from here in Hawaii). If you travel to another state, you also can add those into your agency selection.

Using the app is very straightforward: Just click “New Tip” from the app menu and there you can indicate the Event Type (i.e., alcohol, drugs, weapons, etc.), Suspect, Victim, Event Description and even take a picture or video if possible. You also can do a realtime, anonymous chat with the agency if they’re online.

If you need to make a tip and don’t have a smartphone, you can always send a text to “274637” and you’ll receive confirmation that your tip was received. Additionally, you can submit tips online at or the old-school way by calling 955-8300 (or *CRIME). But always remember: If it’s an emergency, dial 911.