Working For A Better Future For Our People

By Nancy Aleck, executive director, Hawaii People’s Fund

In the shadow of Pearlridge Center, a grassroots organization is growing taro, restoring native plants and reclaiming ancestral sustainability practices.

And on Maui, youths are making videos about critical environmental issues and getting invited to show them at film festivals across the country.


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Nancy Aleck

These are just two of the many groups that are supported by Hawaii People’s Fund (HPF). Other recent grantees work with women in prison, with youths who face bullying in school, organize to create more accountable government processes and more. Despite the diversity of issues and approaches, the grantees have much in common. They are making systemic changes and creating alternative models that will give us all a healthier, more just and positive future.

Since 1972, HPF has been raising money as a public foundation to assist in community change. HPF gives financial and capacity-building support to inspirational change-makers who are working on the cutting edge. These groups usually are not yet on the radar of more traditional funders. Effective social change takes time, and we are in this for the long haul.

Money to support grants, trainings and workshops comes primarily from individual donations — from people like you. An average of $100,000 is distributed to groups throughout the Islands each year. Donors can become engaged with the groups they are helping to support in a variety of ways. Our many public events and communications allow our donor-partners to connect with our grantee-partners.

HPF is committed to building community, exploring how issues intersect and fostering new forms of collaboration. Each year we host an annual dinner and EXPO for Community Change featuring dozens of dynamic local organizations.

HPF knows that creating change takes time, commitment, resources and passion. It requires all of us to be involved, to become partners in change.

Learn more about HPF at, where you can read about recent grantee organizations, view photos, videos and stories that highlight local grassroots efforts, and keep abreast of activities via the events calendar.

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