The Wind Rises

C.J. Severs
Aviation Electronics Technician, U.S. Navy

Where and with whom did you see the movie?

I saw the movie at Consolidated Theaters Ward 16, accompanied by Kurtis Kile.


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The Wind Rises

Overall, what did you think?

I thought it was a beautiful film in every sense of the word.

Without giving away the ending, what was one of your favorite scenes?

There’s an earthquake scene early in the film that is done exceptionally well. The resulting fire and chaos is shocking.

On a scale of one to four stars, what would you rate this film?

★★★ 1/2. Not Miyazaki’s best, but in the upper echelon of his work.

What did you think of the animation?

The animation was on point, as always. Lines were clean and characters’ movements were especially fluid. Miyazaki has a gift for breathtaking establishing shots, and the frequent dream sequences were especially awe-inspiring.

What are your thoughts on the message?

As corny and cliched as it may sound, the major theme of the movie is “follow your dreams.” It works well within the context of this particular film, as it illustrates a man’s lifelong quest to build something beautiful even though he fears its ultimate purpose.

Did it remind you of any other works of film?

It echoes Miyazaki’s earlier film Porco Rosso in its reverence to and love of vintage flying machines. Not coincidentally, Porco Rosso is my personal favorite Studio Ghibli film.

To whom would you recommend this movie?

Fans of Studio Ghibli animation, aviation history buffs and lovers of great cinema.

Did any of the voice actors stand out?

Hideaki Anno, voicing the lead character Jiro Horikoshi in the original Japanese language version of the movie, had previously worked as director and writer of Neon Genesis Evangelion. I was shocked to discover this was his first feature-length voice performance. Solid, emotional work.

Did you identify with any of the characters?

Inspired by the love of his ailing wife and desiring nothing more than to create beauty and further his country’s technological standing, Jiro Horikoshi makes for an intensely relatable character. He’s definitely a chain-smoker, though.

Did the soundtrack contribute significantly to the film?

Joe Hisaishi has been collaborating with Miyazaki for 30 years, and it’s evident in the fanciful score that he has presented along with some apropos musical selections from the period.

Would you watch this movie again?

Most definitely, I look forward to owning it.

What’s your favorite movie snack?

Red Vines and Sour Patch Kids!

Is there anything else you’d like to add about the film?

Miyazaki’s choice to have most of the film’s sound effects emulated by human voices was brilliant.

On a different note, what’s new with you?

By the time this review prints, I’ll be maintaining aircraft in another country! If you’d like to discuss this film or films in general, I’d be pleased to correspond via email: