A Whole Lot Of Pono Madness

State Rep. Bob McDermott. File photo

State Rep. Bob McDermott. File photo

After state Rep. Bob Mc-Dermott released his report critical of Pono Choice, a proposed state Department of Education sex-education program, I thought the public discussion of sex education was over.

Then I received a bulletin from UH-Manoa’s Health Promotion Office that it would be hosting its annual Valentine’s Day Condom Fair, which includes games and prizes.

I couldn’t believe it. Educational activities include a condom race and games like “Pin the Condom on Jack.” How creative, eh? Of course, I went to school in the ’60s, so it’s not surprising that I’m surprised. The most exciting thing we had at UH back then was the Ka Palapala beauty contest at Hemenway Hall. No one mentioned the relation of sex to beauty.

I guess it just goes to show how things have changed over the years, like talking openly about the pros and cons of oral and anal sex. I guess it’s acceptable, if it’s all designed to educate students about healthy sexual relationships.

It all seems strange to me because most quality institutions of higher learning are more interested in research or medical discoveries to ease suffering in the world.

Additionally, Valentine’s Day is usually thought of as celebrating love. It’s not something achieved in one day and takes a lot of thought over a prolonged period of time.

I just can’t imagine UH having a condom fair. It doesn’t appear to fit with the university’s mission. Furthermore, I can’t imagine the UH Regents discussing the topic publicly. It’s a tough topic to discuss, and when you read about how difficult it is to find a UH president, it makes you wonder if they know what kind of pono is happening on campus.