Being There Whenever Tragedy Strikes

Start the new year with a resolution to help save lives and give hope to those in need. Join the cause of humanity by becoming a Red Cross volunteer!

Whenever and wherever tragedy strikes, the Red Cross is there. We are on call 24/7, 365 days a year and respond to disasters statewide every four days. No other organization does this, and our volunteers make it possible.


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Coralie Chun Matayoshi

Ken, one of our volunteer social workers, encourages other counselors and nurses to become a Red Cross volunteer and share their expertise in crisis counseling and health services.

“We wanted to become who we are for a reason: to help people, to make the world a better place,” Ken says. “The Red Cross is a great way to help people help themselves, build resiliency and empower them.”

Jennifer recently signed up as a volunteer. Her Leeward home was destroyed by fire this past year. Red Cross volunteers responded to help her family with their immediate emergency needs, calm their worries and fears, and give them hope. Jennifer was so thankful that she wanted to give back and help others in similar situations.

There are lots of other ways to volunteer besides serving as a disaster volunteer. You can work in the office, become a first aid/CPR instructor, join our First Aid Station Team, participate in a high school Red Cross Club and more. No matter what they do, our volunteers are passionate about helping people, and their efforts make a difference. They are your neighbors, family, friends and co-workers – people helping people.

The Red Cross is not a government agency and receives no funding from the federal or state government for disasters. Instead, we must rely on the generosity of individuals and businesses to provide our critical services to the community. Please kokua and donate your time, talent and financial support so that we can continue our humanitarian services to the people of Hawaii.

To sign up as a volunteer and make a donation, go to or call 734-2101. Follow us on Twitter (@HawaiiRedCross) and like us on Facebook (Hawaii Red Cross).

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