When Strangers Help Strangers

Hello Pamela,

Last night I went to Curry King at Ward Warehouse for takeout. When I got home, I realized my cash was missing from my pocket. I didn’t think it could be recovered but decided to backtrack my steps regardless. I went back and inquired at Curry King. The server said Sharlene had found the money and left her business card with him. The server then came out and took me to the table where Sharlene was still dining with her friends. I was beyond grateful, thanked Sharlene and got home still in a state of shock that I was so lucky to have encountered such a succession of honest people! Thank you, Curry King server and Sharlene, for your honesty. Mahalo and a big shout out to you both!

Harry Lee
Ala Moana

Dear Harry,

Sharlene Tom, Honolulu’s senior deputy prosecuting attorney, gives all the APPLAUSE to Darlene Yamauchi, an attorney for Family Court. “We were having lunch and Darlene spotted the money. It was about $120. We notified the restaurant that we were going to hand it over to HPD, but Harry came back before we left. We’re happy that he returned to retrieve his money.”

Dear Pamela,

I would like to extend my gratitude to Alan and Ron for coming to my aid when I fell on the cement ramp in front of my garage. It was early in the morning and I didn’t think anyone would rescue me. Alan Lum saw me fall and Ron got out of his truck to help me. There are some good people who are still helping the golden generation. My sincere thanks to both of them.

Wai Hin Gum

Dear Wai Hin, Pool service representative Ron Montanaro was on his way home when he saw you. “She said her ankles were giving out,” he says, “so I brought her a walker and left it near her door so she doesn’t have to rely on a cane. I didn’t tell her it was from me. That’s not important. I love the Lord and I wanted to help her.”

Dear Pamela,

Belated APPLAUSE to the people who helped me while shopping for a Christmas tree at Home Depot. Being a senior citizen, I looked for a small tree but the only Douglas firs were 7-foot trees. While standing in line for cutting, the line began to move forward. I couldn’t move the tree so I laid it down and started dragging it forward. All of a sudden a young man about 16 years old was holding it up for me. Then a woman gave me a cart for the tree. She was the young man’s mother. His name is Micah. After the cutting he helped me push the cart across the parking lot and loaded the tree into my car. Another angel named Gary helped him get it into my car.

If the world were made up of Micah and his parents, there would never be wars or starvation. God bless Micah and his family!

Rae Sato

Dear Rae,

The holidays inspire us all to be generous with kind gestures, but it appears that Micah and his family may have the spirit all year-round. If you recognize this good deed, Micah (and family), please email me. APPLAUSE readers would love to meet you!

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