What A Wonderful World

Aloha Pamela,

On the first day of school, we met at Big City Diner in Waipio for breakfast. We are all retirees. We had a great time, and to top it off, our hard-working waitress said our bill was paid. That’s the first time our mouths were still. This gentleman wanted to remain anonymous and left before we could thank him. We hope he reads this letter.

Thank you for capping off our breakfast with your generosity.

The DOE Dozen

Dear Pamela,

I am very grateful and thankful to a very honest man at Kahala Mall.

I didn’t realize I lost my wallet after Luk Jung Kin exercise class. This gentleman found it and turned it in to Lost and Found. Then he drove to my address to ask if anyone here lost a wallet. I dumped the contents of my handbag, and sure enough there was no wallet. I was so glad to get it back. Every single thing was in there! My faith in mankind soared!

Bettie Kahn

Dear Pamela,

While walking the dog at Waialae Park, I saw a lady collecting plastic bottles and she wore such a colorful skirt, I told her how pretty it was.

Smiling, she said “Oh, thank you, I’d be happy to make one for you.” Her English wasn’t very good, but we were able to understand each other enough to agree to meet the next day.

With some trepidation, I showed up the following day and, as promised, so did she, with her husband and Auntie and Uncle and a bountiful picnic to share – which completely took me by surprise! She put out fried chicken, breadfruit and watermelon and went off to gather her cans and bottles.

I discovered that they are mostly homeless, here for a few years from Micronesia. He works part time in security, having his hours recently cut way back. He also translates for a clinic and expressed how he wished he had the formal education to help more.

I could go on …

I was given the skirt and gently gave her a few dollars. I did not want to offend. I experienced delicious breadfruit and the kindness of strangers – now friends. As Satchmo Louie Armstrong sang, What a Wonderful World!

Donna Perry
Los Gatos, Calif.

Dear Donna, Bettie and DOE Dozen,

It is indeed a wonderful world when strangers take the time to make thoughtful, kind and generous gestures to secure our safety and well-being. Your angels deserve extra APPLAUSE this Thanksgiving.

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