Wet Gadget Rescue Patrol

Photo courtesy Liquipel

So now that you probably have some new gadgets to play with after Christmas, it’s bound to happen – you’ll drop your new toy in the dishwater, bathtub or pool. I can’t tell you the number of times this has happened in my household – iPhones in the pool and iPods (on a watchband) in the shower. What to do now?!

The first thing is you have to react fast. After you remove your precious gadget from the water, the first step is taking out the battery and removing any extra components that might hold water (i.e. SD card, headphones).

Next, you’ll want to hold a vacuum cleaner to each port on your device (especially the headphones port) for at least three minutes each. Even better if you have a data vacuum cleaner.

You’ve probably heard about the effectiveness of placing a gadget in a container of rice. That will work, but a friend of mine told me that placing it in a bowl of Rice Krispies for a couple of days actually works better.

Another option to completely avoid this headache is to outright waterproof your device. I discovered a company/process called Liquipel, and saw firsthand that its process will make your device waterproof, no case necessary. In fact, its company display was a bunch of iPhones sitting in a fishtank! Liquipel uses a process that applies a water-safe coating to your electronic device. Not visible to the human eye, Liquipel is a nano-coating that is applied with a process that starts with your device going through the Liquipel Machine.

This machine removes the air inside the chamber to create a vacuum, and the Liquipel is introduced to your gadget in vapor form. The coating then permeates your entire device and bonds it on a molecular level, therefore leaving it water-safe for years to come. Check out the website (liquipel.com) to see if your device is included on its list. The average price starts at $59 (iPhone), and will vary based on what type of device you have.