Wellness In The Workplace

Rick Ching, COO of Servco

As one of Hawaii’s leading businesses, Servco Pacific Inc. opened its doors as a small automotive garage almost a century ago with a vision to be No. 1 in customer service.

In order to achieve this, we knew we had to invest in our employees. As you may imagine, engaged, healthy team members make happy employees who are critical in building great customer relationships. And in our 95 years of service in Hawaii, we have seen lots of happy customers.


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Rick Ching

Five years ago, we converted a 3,000-plus-square-foot warehouse into an exercise facility for our staff. The space was big enough to hold a multipurpose basketball/volleyball court with enough space for classes and equipment. We named the facility Servco Wellness Center and loaded it up with exercise machines, stability balls, resistance bands, weights, steps, exercise mats, yoga equipment and TV/DVD hookups. We recently added a ping-pong table as well. On an ongoing basis, we partner with Nuuanu YMCA to provide group fitness classes every weekday starting at 5:15 p.m.

The center is an employee benefit that is 100 percent company-paid. It’s located in our administration building in Mapunapuna, where many of our almost 1,000 employees access the facility from 5 a.m. to 10 p.m. daily.

Other Servco wellness initiatives include making sure employees can eat healthy lunches via office delivery vendor Salad Envy. We also have online fitness challenges to encourage healthy eating and consistent exercise — 244 employees just finished The European Challenge, in which they formed teams and tracked their daily activity level. To encourage participation, anyone who signed up received a pedometer and a special-edition sport towel to celebrate their accomplishment.

We also hold an annual employee basketball tournament that is very competitive, a lot of fun, and has attracted both male and female participants from across the company.

Servco’s employees are at the core of our success as a local company. And from a business perspective, creating Servco Wellness Center has been tremendously impactful in building an engaged, healthy and motivated Team Servco.