Walkway Welcome In Haleiwa

The lack of dedicated pedestrian walkways — a longstanding problem in Haleiwa town — has been reduced with the opening of a walkway fronting Kamehameha Schools’ community revitalization project.

Fashioned to replace the standard curb-and-gutter sidewalk with a more rural-friendly one, the path and promenade have been stamped to resemble wooden-planked boardwalks. The project was completed with input from area residents, county officials and the North Shore Sustainable Communities Plan.

“We’re really grateful to the community, City Council Chairman Ernie Martin, Mayor Caldwell and his staff at the City and County for providing guidance to help deliver a public walkway that perpetuates Haleiwa’s rich history and culture,” said Kalani Fronda, senior land asset manager at Kamehameha Schools.

The walkway already is receiving positive feedback from shoppers, who appreciate the ease of motion and the ability to peer into shops while walking, noted Colette Harris of Global Creations. She is a tenant at Haleiwa Store Lots, which is part of the revitalization project.

The $700,000 walkway was included in the total cost of Kamehameha Schools’ $16-million Haleiwa Store Lots redevelopment. The 650-foot walk-way, bookended by Mahaulu Lane and the Waialua end of the store lots, is part of the 1-mile stretch of the Haleiwa Town revitalization, a project of the educational institution’s North Shore Master Plan.

“The heart and needs of Haleiwa really show in this place — the provided lighting, necessary parking and now this walkway. It’s just so beautiful,” said Harris. “Before, there were mud puddles outside and lines leading into the street, but now customers can park in the back and walk along the nice walkways to get to shops.”