Waimea To Benefit From Koa Plantings

Waimea Valley and Hawaiian Legacy Hard-woods (HLH) have joined forces in a legacy planting program on Hawaii island.

It is hoped individuals and organizations will sponsor a koa legacy tree in memory of a family member or friend or to pay tribute to an organization for its achievements.

The cost to plant a tree is $60 with Waimea Valley receiving a portion of the amount to help support its cultural and botanical programs.

HLH will provide the donating person or organization with a certificate of planting, complete with GPS for location and radio frequency identification with information about the individual or organization.

“This is a great way to remember a beloved family member, especially for those who live away from Hawaii,” said Richard Pezzulo, executive director of Waimea Valley. “Also, the act of nourishing the land by planting a koa tree is a powerful Hawaiian concept that will impact generations to come.”

Much of Hawaii’s forests were cut down about 150 years ago after the uncontrolled harvesting of sandalwood and the clearing of land for cattle ranching or farming purposes. The removal of forest growth changed weather patterns in different parts of Hawaii.

The Koa Legacy Tree program is part of a statewide reforestation project whose goal is the restoration of native forest growth wherever possible.

Anyone interested in sponsoring the Koa Legacy Tree program should visit LegacyTrees.org/waimeavalley or call 638-7766 for more information.