Wahiawa’s People And History To Star In New Theatrical Production

Wahiawa has an amazing history that most people in the state aren’t aware of, and Terri Madden, founder and artistic director for PlayBuilders, has created a play specifically for the community to help tell its story.

“It’s the healing place, it’s the center of the island,” Madden explained. “It’s also a place where two completely different communities (the military and local community in Wahiawa) have lived side by side for years.”

Readings were held in May and last week to not only give potential cast members a chance to become familiar with the script but also to provide Madden feedback through shared stories and suggestions from the readers and other community members.

“We here at PlayBuilders – our mission is to bring theater to places and about places that are under-represented,” Madden said. “I knew in my gut that it would be an interesting story.”

Madden has been interviewing people over the past several months to gain information for the play, but said “there’s still room in the play for more stories.” ‘Olelo Community Television also had a big role in giving her access to past interviews.

Inspiration for the play came from Madden’s own experience as part of a military family who moved to the Islands in the 1970s, and she said the story is similar to what happened in her own family, in which a teen pregnancy with a young local man made the two families come together.

Wahiawa, Schofield BKS will run the first two weekends in August in the banquet room of Dot’s Restaurant – at 7 p.m. Fridays, noon Saturdays at 6 p.m. Sundays.

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