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A Vet Who Goes The Extra Mile

Dear Pamela,

We would like to give a big shout-out to Dr. Ryan Tedder of Animal Clinic of Honolulu. Several months ago on a routine visit, he discovered our dear “Peanut” had a low red cell count, which could have abruptly ended his life. Dr. Tedder put us at ease by explaining everything in a simple but thorough manner. After blood transfusions and a hospital stay, our dog was on the road to recovery. He is still under several medications but is spunky as ever. Dr. Tedder has continued to show concern by calling us from time to time to check on Peanut’s health. He even had his assistant Jodi personally drop off a special medication to our home when this medicine was late in arriving at his office. Dr. Tedder is certainly an excellent and compassionate veterinarian who goes that extra mile for his patients and their “parents.”

The Hongs, Peanut’s family Downtown

Dear Hongs,

Dr. Ryan Tedder says caring for your four-footed loved ones is like being a member of your family. “I met the Hongs at the pet fair, where I was first introduced to their other dog,” he says. “Later, Peanut came in for a teeth cleaning, and that’s when we discovered that a little extra care would be necessary. As to the medication drop-off, the credit goes to Jodi Tsutomi. She knew Peanut would be needing it and went out of her way to get it to the Hongs.”

Dear Pamela,

Thank you for letting me express my gratefulness for C. June Mulhall in your APPLAUSE column in MidWeek (Oct. 2, 2013, “Lost At Ward, But Not For Long”).

After the letter was featured, I went to see June. She was so excited and thrilled to see the article that she displayed it in her store window. Friends and customers were calling her and visiting her at the store. She sent it to her daughters on the Mainland. She had the picture of my two daughters in her iPad. Then, Friday, Dec. 13, I read in the newspaper that she had passed away in her sleep. I went to the store and met her daughters, who told me how happy she was to be recognized. Thank you very much for your part in making June, her family and my family so happy.

Gloriette Zane Hawaii Kai

Dear Gloriette,

It was your letter of gratitude that started the ball rolling. And, of course, it was June’s kind and thoughtful actions that inspired your letter. What a gift it is to be able to say “thank you” to the people who MOST need to hear it.

Dear Pamela,

We had just come from a stage play and were driving on Alakea and Beretania streets. We had a flat tire and pulled over right at that corner. We called AAA and were told it would be there in an hour. Almost an hour later, AAA called to say it would be another 20 minutes. We are two senior couples, and our husbands tried to change the tire but the lock nuts on the tire were frozen and couldn’t move. We needed help and did not want to risk a back injury. It was getting dark – just then a police car pulled up behind us. Honolulu Police Officer Malacas came to our aid, so cheerful and willing to help. A short while later, Officer Nguepdjo came to help, too.

Our sincerest mahalo to two of Honolulu’s finest, our angels who went above and beyond. We want them to know we really appreciate their kindness.

Fred and Karin Higa, Red Hill Ken and Joyce Takemori, Aiea

Dear Higas and Takemoris,

Maj. Roy Sugimoto of District One echoes your praise. “Officer Jason Malacas and Officer Thierry Nguepdjo exemplify the police department’s motto of Serving and Protecting with Aloha,” he says.

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