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Untiring Efforts At Carpet One

Dear Pam,

I wanted to thank two kindhearted employees from American Carpet One. It was the day I went to sign the carpet installation contract for my boss’s condo and found out that my right front tire had given up on me. Not knowing where to go, I rushed back to the store, and there stood Stuart, asking if I needed any help. Without a second thought he said, “I will change it for you!” Like a magic, these words immediately eased my worries.

He definitely meant it. Here they were, Stuart and Roy, in the rain working hard as a team for my tire, patiently and skillfully, removed the broken tire, pumped enough air into my spare tire and securely installed it into my car. Before I drove out of the parking lot they kept reminding me to drive carefully and stop by the next gas station to get my tire repaired.

Thank you so very much to Stuart and Roy for their kindness and great help. And thank you for American Carpet One for having such wonderful employees.

Alyssa Rodrigues

Dear Alyssa,

“Stuart Yasunaga is like an ambassador of good deeds,” says American Carpet One sales consultant Roy Korenaga.” Alyssa was lucky because Stuart just happened to have his air compressor in his car. We’ve had a lot of other people stop by with flat tires. I guess we’re in a convenient area. We’re happy she got home safely.”

Dear Pamela,

My husband, granddaughter, two grandsons and I went to the Kailua Salvation Army to browse and shop. Our older grandson was playing in between the clothes and my granddaughter said that she couldn’t find him. I told her to go find him and told my husband to go look for him. We went looking and calling for him throughout the store, but couldn’t find him. The personnel in the store asked if there was a problem, and my husband told them that we couldn’t find our grandson. They leaped into action and called a Code Adam, and said that nobody could leave and blocked the front and back doors. They asked what he was wearing and I had to think about that – then remembered that he had on blue shorts and a striped shirt. A short time later one of the employees found him and we were so relieved. We asked him why he didn’t answer and he said he was playing hide and seek. His older sister did the same thing when she was about his age (4 years old) at Sports Authority in Waipio, and when the store personnel asked what she was wearing I couldn’t remember. My daughter (their mother) once told me that she heard that parents should take a picture (on our phones) before going into a store so if this kind of thing happens we would have a current picture. I wrote a letter to Sports Authority and informed them about what had happened and that the actions of their personnel worked, and that is what happened in the Kailua Salvation Army store. Thank you all for your quick actions.

Grandma Donna and Grandpa Sam

Dear Grandma and Grandpa,

“We have a ‘Protect the Mission’ policy, which focuses on the safety and well-being of children,” says Salvation Army public relations director Daniel DeCastro. “We try to impress on all employees that the safety of children is a priority. The Kailua staff did a wonderful job in this situation by shutting the doors. That was the right thing to do.”

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